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Communication aids

watson Community member Posts: 14 Listener
edited October 2021 in Sensory impairments
Hello my name is Jen I'm looking for help and advice on getting my son Andrew 32 some aid to help him regain his speech after acquiring a hypoxic  brain injury after a sudden cardiac arrest .I think that's what it is called . He knows what he wants to say but the words don't come .at the moment Andrew is still early days as it only happened  3 weeks ago but I'm worried he will get frustrated by not being able to get out what he is thinking . Any help or advice would be brilliant xx 


  • zule
    zule Community member Posts: 5 Listener
    Usually you would need an assessment, so please start that process with NHS services. Meanwhile you can do a quick search online and find multiple resources which will help you realize that there is a huge variety of communication aids. Many questions I have need to be answered before recommending you something, because i dont know if Andrew is able to use a tablet or a mobile, given that you are doing this post and not your son tells that he is not accessing internet. I hope you have a smartphone because i recommend you to start downloading free applications and letting Andrew try them. While you wait for a professional assesment through NHS services. And example of an application is: LetMeTalk, i can see it in my android mobile and i hope you can if you have an apple mobile. There must bee free applications for apple that are for augmented communication. Keywords you can use to search online and in the applications store are: "augmented communication", "AAC"
    I am trying to motivate you to look for free solutions. There are AAC devices which have a cost and are meant for prolonged use. But I cannot recommend these to you because i do not know what will be the progress, in terms of communication, for Andrew. Hence my recommendation that you talk with NHS services so they provide you with a specialist assessment that should take into account Andrew's needs and his doctor's prognosis after the hypoxic brain injury. I wish you both soon are able to communicate with each other better soon with the help of a mobile/tablet app.
    Also check these websites for more information:
  • watson
    watson Community member Posts: 14 Listener
    Aw thank you zule  I have android as does Andrew he is learning how to use it again .can answer calls and txt very small messages 
    He is in there just can't get the words to his mouth .occasionally  he will say the odd word like today said mum which as the silly Billy I am made me go into floods of tears but I know with the proper help and my insistence  Andrew will return maybe not as quick but that's a small price to pay for having my son alive and well x thank you for your help I will check all the sites out and keep you up to date on both my and Andrews progress x 
  • zule
    zule Community member Posts: 5 Listener
    Best wishes for both of you. Andrew sounds a good candidate for speech therapy. Meanwhile enjoy the mobile apps. Will help him get important messages out quickly to you. Do pressure the NHS into providing the services you need. x
  • NicolaLatheySLT
    NicolaLatheySLT Community member Posts: 40 Courageous
    Dear Ms Watson,

    Hearing the word 'mum' after such a traumatic time would have made me cry too!  

    I would agree with Zule.  You should contact the local Speech and Language Therapy service and ask for an assessment as soon as possible so that they can give you advice and strategies about how to help you son to communicate.  The early stages are the most important and there are a number of computer based and paper based communication devices that can help.

    Good luck and best wishes,

    Nicola Lathey
    Speech And Language Advisor
    Phone: 01242 571883
    Email: [email protected]


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