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New gadgets from Florida trade stalls

GeoffBosworth195661GeoffBosworth195661 Member Posts: 163 Pioneering
What's new for the disabled with different ailments which UK should see for sale mid June onwards which as now gone to a other level of technology. Part from my trade stall i had chance to go around a day before open to buyers. One piece that got my attention was a connection from wheelchair to standing with two options walk unaided. This was a one piece carb fibre legs and body support. From a wheelchair it safely springs tilts the body into a straight position. This protect broken spines with complete ease with a type of robo cope legs similar type not as bulky. The spine is protected with the connection on board to the legs piece. With Microsoft ware implanted into it. You are in full control of it from the moment you leave the wheelchair. It does a further amazing thing that is very impressive. What do you think of this technology and any questions about it. Or any other part of human body gadgets that will be available mid June.     


  • Han_SoloHan_Solo Member Posts: 114 Courageous
    Hi - good post. Anything to improve a  good night's sleep and coping with pain? Regards
  • GeoffBosworth195661GeoffBosworth195661 Member Posts: 163 Pioneering
    Hi Han Solo sorry to know you are going through two issues. Reading between the lines the pain is the main issue keeping you awake. Your first point of call is tell your GP, you may need a change of pain killers if you take them. If you can sought the pain out you should have uninterrupted sleep. Take care Han
  • Han_SoloHan_Solo Member Posts: 114 Courageous
  • GeoffBosworth195661GeoffBosworth195661 Member Posts: 163 Pioneering
    Wheelchair friendly solar power navigation ? Yes it will be arriving in mid July it will do a way with heavy batteries. The lightness depends on material as for the ones which I tried out was the weight of five bags of sugar with speeds up to 15 mph this is phase 1 plans for a 20mph will be 2020. The navigation caused a stir the chair will take you to the regular route you take and pick up obstacles which adjust the chair to go around obstacles. The first time you go on a route it must be programed in by pressing button R this then is recorded with a Microsoft software. You can delete also. How does the chair know where you want to go ? It works of your mobile or head phones and mike name your shop GPs. etc. This is one of other types of solar navigated wheelchairs.  
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