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Overpayment underpayment.

I have been overpaid on Old income related ESA but underpaid on UC.
I had notified ESA about a change of circumstances and was told by DWP ESA department I now needed to apply for UC. I gave all the details and did what I had to do but UC and ESA departments messed up and I ended up getting overpaid on ESA but underpaid on UC. I received a letter from UC saying I needed to pay back some money due to an overpayment of ESA. I queried this and got a email back from DWP saying  I will contact you later.

"I have contacted Debt Management about the arrears owed and they have not asked for them to be offset against the overpayment that was referred yesterday. I will send you another message later confirming information about your payment. Thanks"
(I being a member of staff at DWP.)
(Arrears owed being UC underpayment to me and overpayment being owed by me to ESA.)

I then received another message saying they had recalculated UC and they owed me £---- amount and this will be paid into my bank within on or about the 12th February. The overpayment of ESA is more then the underpayment of UC

Does this mean they have written of the overpayment of ESA because it is the DWP who have messed things up or do I still need to appeal against the recovery of the overpayment.


  • debsidoo
    debsidoo Member Posts: 325 Pioneering
    Hi photographerswife.
    Check out the DWP Benefit Overpayment Recovery guide see if you fall into any of the categories there.
    pay particular attention to section 1.24 Official Error.
    You May be able to persuade them to stop recovery of the overpayment as it was not your fault but you do need to speak to somebody with expert knowledge of how it applies.I am not an expert just giving you a heads up as to where to start.
    The guide can be found online.
  • Maraie
    Maraie Member Posts: 26 Listener
    Exactly same happened to me.
    i think they make it up 
    i think someone is nicking the money that you have to wait for for 12 weeks,.
    after x assesment for health
    and mobilty 
    that people have to go through.
    Then to just stop theirs esa for 12 weeks 
    they gave me basically j seekers 
    itss took esa 14 days and 10 weeks to send a transfer 

  • Maraie
    Maraie Member Posts: 26 Listener
    I’ve already been to cab about six times
  • Maraie
    Maraie Member Posts: 26 Listener
    At end of the day I’ve had no money apart from my pip
    for 10 weeks and a basic 170 a month uc
    no houseing element was allowed after two appeals
    because my name is not on the tennancy
    and for 7 days all I’ve heard is it’s not us it’s esa 
    then they say it’s not us is Jc,.
    there is no 
    bossy of any kind to act as some sort of mediator 
    any help apart from cab
  • Maraie
    Maraie Member Posts: 26 Listener
    Ideas welcome(my previous  stated ‘bossy ,
    i meNt 
    what does this mean?
    it is with the esa desicion makes?
    has any one got to this stage of universal credit please?
  • Maraie
    Maraie Member Posts: 26 Listener
    How long does it take and what will happen after the “ so called desicion is made.


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