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Hi, my name is ladycat01!

ladycat01 Member Posts: 5 Listener
Good morning everybody let me introduce myself my name is Rosemary I am disabled I have got a condition for lymphedema of the leg I've had it from 2000 and till now I've never been born of it it happened when I went away on holiday I caught an infection and since then my whole life has changed at the moment I am going through a lot of problems with my daily living allowance I've got to go back to court on the 26th of this month to find out what the decision is going to be if I'm going to get my daily living allowance back or not I am on a high rate of mobility as well the judge told me last time I went I had to make the decision of cutting my mobility people who are spoke to saying that's not right and he can't do that so now it's just waiting to see what the judge is going to say that is my problem dealing with my condition has been up and down I suffer with a lot of stress I don't go out anywhere without anyone coming with me so life living with lymphedema is not very good especially when the summer comes and you want to wear all the clothes were all the young women are wearing in you can't because you're always very long dresses or long skirts to cover up because you feel embarrassed when people are staring at you my confidence since I've had my condition has gone down the pan very badly I don't have many friends and the friends I do have are people close to my heart because they're being there from day one anyway that's all about me I hope you all have a lovely weekend the sun is shining it's still chilly out there but please keep safe from wall thank you for inviting me to your page


  • Geoark
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    Hello @ladycat01 and welcome to the community.

    Was it daily living allowance you were getting or disability living allowance. If the second and you are over 16 you are unlikely to get this back and will need to move to PIP.

    Any way, good luck at court.

    I hope your weekend is not too bad.

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  • ladycat01
    ladycat01 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    No this is how it started I started on disability allowance then this new scheme claiming pip personal Independence Payments and that's where all my problems started from so I'm already on that tip so now I've got to go back to court to fight to get my daily living allowance back because back in 2016 they cut it for £220 so on the 26th of February I have to go back to for the last time I went to court the judge told me that I had to think about cutting my other benefit which is my mobility I'm on the high rate I've been reading up on it and people have been advising me that I shouldn't be doing that the judges got it wrong so I don't know where I stand at this present time I'm still waiting for my support news support worker to get in contact with me which they haven't so to be honest with you I'm going into this Orr blind sorry for that but that's how I'm feeling
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    Hi @ladycat01, and welcome! So sorry to hear that you're having to go to all this trouble. All the best for your upcoming court date, I really hope you get the outcome you're hoping for. Do keep us updated!
  • ladycat01
    ladycat01 Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Thank you I will do so I'm trying not to think about it so to be honest with you but I just keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes alright next Monday


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