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Claiming ESA for mental health successfully?


I just wondered how likely it is I will be awarded ESA, I suffer with depression, severe anxiety and OCD. I can’t go out by myself, do not interact socially (haven’t seen any of my friends for over a year) I can’t touch anything without needing to wash my hands and I’m constantly thinking about germs/bacteria and anxious about becoming ill. I have, not to be dramatic, a poor quality of life. I have done drastic things in an attempt to not go out, for example, trying to break my own foot with a concerte slab as I find it so traumatising/anxiety provoking to go out. I also wash my hands so much that they are cracked and bleeding. I have to be supervised when preparing food (especially hot food) as I get very distressed when dealing with food and withdraw into myself and I am not aware of what is happening around me.

I have a mental health nurse and counselling, I also see my Gp regularly and I’m on 30mg citalopram.

Has anyone claimed ESA for similar problems and been successful?

thank you



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