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My sons school

victoria0905 Member Posts: 2 Listener
I just read that the Headteacher ofomy sons school wants him out, it reads as follows 

terms of H’s progress, the Head Teacher advised that H does not recall things even after doing them. The Headteacher advised that we need to discuss whether present school is the best provision for H at his EHC Review with the SEND teacher.
Hi paedpaedia Dr said they should never of held him back, m son has mild cp and brain damage due to birth injury

Surely this can't be right


  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,676 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @victoria0905

    I know when it comes to our kids that it is really emotional.  It reads to me that the head wants to discuss options for your child and review this with the SEND teacher.

    They may be able to offer a lot more support, or they could be of the mindset that a different school may be a better fit for your child?

    Can you have a chat with school, the SEND teacher or the head about exactly what their concerns are? If you can attend a meeting, sometimes it helps to have a list of things written down about what you want to discuss.

    Let us know how you get on!
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  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Hi @victoria0905, how are you doing?
  • mossycow
    mossycow Member Posts: 487 Pioneering
    It's never in a school's or head's interest to get rid of anyone. It may be you have a proactive head who is wanting what is best for your son.

    Though, I can see how that... (was it an email or a report or letter?) would be scary to read. 

    Have they told you exactly when they want to meet? 

    I'd call them ASAP and get an appointment with everyone involved ASAP. 

    Wishing you and your son the best... Do let us know and def use this place to vent and ask stuff. I'm not an expert in anything sorry.... But I am a fellow mum and I totally sympathise. Its a shame they've worried you so much xx


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