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Hi there.
I had my pip interview in Feb and I got 8 points on the mobility part. The assessor lied and minimised my illness. 
My husband recorded the interview so we had a record of it and so I could listen to it as my memory is awful. 
We are going to write a Mandatory reconsideration letter is it worth mentioning that we have evidence that she lied during the medical?
Thanx any advice is great.


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    @tina1888 if it wasn' aurathiised it wouldn' be used.
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    Hi tina and welcome

    Covert recording is not usually admissable as evidence
    Although it is important to address the issues with the report this will not score you the points you need.
    You should concentrate on showing that you meet the criteria for the descriptors

    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
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    Thank you much appreciated