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Coping with work

susang Member Posts: 1 Listener
edited March 2018 in Work and employment
I have ddd since I was in my late 30s I even had to give up my dream job nursing now been stuck in desk job for  over 10yrs but job role changed recently and I finding it more difficult to do it , but can't afford not to work.   I can't  manage to do housework at even cooking becomes a pain. I use to love to walk 10 miles a day now can just manage to end of street. I feel totally fed up with it . Take tramadol up to 4xdaily pregablin 300mg X2do and naproxen X2 daily also have tens machine for pain when really bad could have acupuncture but our health authority only allows 3 referrals which I had now. My right leg in consett pain from my scatic nerve been trapped now I getting really bad hip and groin pain not sure if that's come from accident at work nearly 2 yrs ago when chair in was sitting on broken a I landed full weight on my feet for 6mths I had knee pain but nothing seen on x-ray.  My occupational health department class me as disabled due to need Meds to get though day .I never claimed anything for my problems just got on with it but not sure if can manage another 17yrs at work and to be honest can't afford not to work in have thought about reducing my hours going part time but again can't afford to especially if my son goes to uni he only 16 .I worked to show no matter what your disability you can achieve your goals. My son has dyslexia, dyspraxia and synaesthesia we also think he may have EDS awaiting consultation for that . Only lately I began to wonder if I could Claim  any benefits for myself and my son as I watch people who never worked a day bragging about how they claim this and that drive good cars go on holiday aboard we lucky for a few days in Scotland to kill two birds with one stone and see my son eye specialist .



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