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HI I'm Mick,need advice from an unsighted swimmer please.

Hi I've been teaching a blind from birth guy to swim front crawl,he is incredibly determined,and we are doing ok,but I would love to hear from someone in his situation that learnt front crawl for any tips or advice,obviously the visual clues and tricks are no good.
Hope this forum is the right place for this type of query.


  • steve51
    steve51 Member Posts: 7,153 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @jtj321

    Good Afternoon it’s great to meet you today.

    We have got some info for you in ref to Blindness.

    I do hope that you find it usefull  ???

    Please please “come back to me”

  • jtj321
    jtj321 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Hi I'm not sure how this forum works,if you have any information on unsighted swimming I would appreciate it.
  • JennysDad
    JennysDad Member Posts: 2,299 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi Mick, @jtj321 and welcome to the community. Glad to have you with us.
    I suspect that @steve51 had found some resources for you and omitted to link them into his post by mistake. Because I've 'name dropped' him here he will probably come back to you soon.
    I have found a section of visual impairment https://www.scope.org.uk/support/families/diagnosis/visual which might prove of interest to you, and kudos to you for trying on behalf of your friend.
    How does this all work? If you have a look through the links on the coloured band lower down the screen you'll see a list of the categories covered by the community. It's not a definitive list in that others may be added, since we now welcome people with any disability. I can link to the list also http://https//community.scope.org.uk/categories The 'approved method' :) is to look through those links for subjects which are relevant or of interest, look at the conversations that are occurring within those categories/links in case there are any that are particularly relevant to you and either join in or start conversations of your own. I hope that helps. I've not been here that long myself.
    Warmest best wishes - and kudos - to you,
  • jtj321
    jtj321 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Thanks Richard,I'm new to this world,and have much to learn,I've already been so impressed by the resourcefullness and determination that is evident in just the short time I have been involved with Mark and his can do attitude!
    I will follow your link.Thankyou.


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