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llanddwyn Member Posts: 7 Listener
edited March 2018 in PIP, DLA, and AA
hi all, just found this site. I suffer from crohns, and have done so since 2011. I have been on dwp payments, and applied for pip payments. just received a letter today, refusing my claim totally. I am in shock here. trying to work things out, next step, etc. just cannot believe it. does anyone know of help, how to get through / win an appeal, any information would be much appreciated. thanks in advance. apologies if this has been posted incorrectly.


  • JennysDad
    JennysDad Member Posts: 2,299 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @llanddwyn and welcome to the community. Glad to have you with us.
    I notice you've received responses in your PIP enquiry post, and they're more valid than anything I can tell you.
    Keep in touch and take care,
    Warmest best wishes,
  • CockneyRebel
    CockneyRebel Member Posts: 5,216 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi llanddwyn and welcome

    Try contacting CAB, Welfare rights or similar who may be able to offer help
    also have a look at the B&W self test



    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
  • llanddwyn
    llanddwyn Member Posts: 7 Listener

    Hi CR,

    Thank you very much for the link, so very useful and helpful. why do 'they' put people through all this stress, enough problems getting through life without them being awkward. will send a letter to DWP asking for a reconsideration. thank you.

  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,449 Disability Gamechanger
    Its no wonder people applying for PIP get stressed when they do not get an award, when they filled the form in they where asked how different activities affects their daily lives and how and why it affects them. So surly those applying with a minor disability or illness must see that they can or can't meet the criteria for getting an award. Please take CRs advice and take a self test on http://www.mybenefitsandwork.co.uk/pip/indexxx.php, and you will get an Indecation if you should proceed with your application.
  • charlene
    charlene Member Posts: 555 Pioneering
    Hello, I have applied for pip and upset with the assessors report.  Do take the others advice and also try to take a long hard detached look at what the assessor has said and for a start are the wrong.  If so use them in a MR request, to put a case over to DWP.. All the best 
    When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
  • llanddwyn
    llanddwyn Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Thank you charlene for your reply ,crohns is so dibilitating .When i was diagnosed i had to go private,thank god as the priffesor that took care of me was wonderful.But it cost me a lot he put me under the nhs ,,then i lost track of him and appointments got cancelled..Iwas a nurse for 40 years and went through hell with my employers...now i am poorly with vagour attacks..again ive seeked private consultation..more tests..then a referal i hope from my gp for endoscapy again.So the assesor i dont think looked at the form id filled in and did not care about my condition when he came .yes the money helps but its the principal of it all .They have no idea what crohns is ..I will let u know how i get on thank you .
  • whistles
    whistles Member Posts: 1,583 Disability Gamechanger
    Sadly the illness or disability isn't the criteria its how it effects you, in those set tasks only.
    I do not know what crohns is so I do not know what you would have said for the questions. 

    Did you ask for the assessors report? 
    A lot of people are finding they are being dropped down or off an element, or not receiving anything at all. 
    Did you keep your original DLA forms so you can have a detached look if things are the same, better or worse? I did keep mine- only because I was paranoid they would lose everything! You can also see what questions have been added and dropped off. 

    Welcome by the way. 

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  • llanddwyn
    llanddwyn Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Thank you for your reply yes we have keept everything awaiting to have theire report on me now ,thanks for taking your time to reply.


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