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intresting point

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i know im a pain but then thats me i like answers because if my head says that ain't right it usually ain't that's 45 years of life in most areas of work and experience???this thing of people must explain how their illness affects them day to day  for pip or other benefits ?is just a tad out of order in my view ? when they ask you a question on the application you explain the condition and affect   you then have a f t f  were you are asked childish questions and given a supposed medical an instance in mine left-hand pic up bit of paper cant cos of stroke that means you can  bend over touch youer toes  haha not with my gut  read this chart eye sight?? umm eyesight perfect naa blind in one eye short sighted in other??? communication ?? um ya sat in front of me so i can with no prob ?? now tell me and us were on earth this has to do with memory after stoke leg and arm how would that affect me?? toes ummm well lets forget that one ??  washing bathing fell out bath getting out ?  i cant explain that better ?ahh 2points needs assistance or an aid ?the  burden is on us to be truthful   explain how we are due to illness  n we can all do this   but and im back here again   they do not listen  my advice on day of assessment lie lie cry  faint stand up collapse ring 999 and then you will get pip unles the acesser is a mind reader and thinks this man is ill  best bit is dwp say its not a medical its health assessment  one and the same anyway   as i said im a pain but thats me but i useualy get were i want to be in life 


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    They have to start somewhere I guess. DLA asked you the same type of questions. It's a relatively new benefit its going to have flaws in it.
    It's meant to be regardless of your problem, can you do this.
    But because I had no outside input, medication for one of the issues I mentioned I didn't have it. Everthing  was in the forms, but assessor decided in that hour I showed no anxiety and no memory problems. The forms get dismissed.

    In the disability magazine it said that people were being too successful with the care element, so they added in the aids with less points. How true that is I don't know because I haven't been on it since the start. 

    I did the self assessments, I read the enclosed booklet plus the info on each page. Sent in what they asked for, explained what and why, added info from someone who knows me well. 
    They dismissed me as having insight and could help myself further and a low risk anyway 

    It is possible I have missed something vital, but it's also possible that I just don't qualify. 
    Not everyone will.
    Do not follow me, I don't know where I am going.


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