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PIP claimants should be protected in interviews

Antioch Member Posts: 2 Listener
In my 1st PIP assessment in 2015 at Deptford, SE London, I     was touched inappropriately. 2 hours later I had an heart attack and hospitalised over the stress of it.  

My PIP was just 0 mobility and was standard daily living. I complained and a week later 2 women came and saw me, then they left and went to see the adviser. A new PIP gave me full high on both mobility and daily living for 3 years.

They said the inappropriate touching was accidental. But It wasn’t, the assessor touched my genitals and squeezed me while grinning in my face, I pushed her hand away as I am happily married.

I felt that the PIP assessment should be recorded as the woman lied over everything contrary to my medical evidence. I WANT to go to the police as I still have sleepless nights and anxiety over it.

Since recently all the cases of men touching woman in high places makes me as a man being touched by a woman feel stupid. I wonder if this has happened to other men who are ashamed of being laughed at.  My wife isnt a jealous person and completely trust me thinks it's funny but she dont  understand what it has done to me.          

Why dont they recorded the interviews or have a independant witness sit in. There should be a petition to change things to protect those of us who are vulnable.

What should I do ? Or who should I speak to ?

Real advice needed please.


  • mosy
    mosy Member Posts: 15 Connected
    I feel this need to be reported to the police as soon as possible. .Only you knows what happened 
    No matter what anybody else thinks report it good luck 
  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,798 Disability Gamechanger
    edited March 2018
    Hi @Antioch, and welcome to the community.

    Thank you for sharing this with us, and I'm so sorry to hear about your experience and the impact it's had on you. Nobody should have to experience that. Given the nature of your query, you should consider reporting this to the police, and it may also be wise to visit your local Citizens Advice if you feel you would benefit from further guidance and support. 

    If you'd like to speak to somebody from Scope over the phone, you can contact the helpline for free at 0800 800 3333. Please do keep us updated and if there's anything we can further assist you with, do let us know. 
  • sirenx
    sirenx Member Posts: 4 Connected
    Nobody male or female should be touched inappropriately.  It's bad enough we have to attend these appointments . Sorry to hear this and do what you can to stop it happening to another person .
  • Antioch
    Antioch Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Thanks for everyones' input.. I will go to the police hopefully the next couple of weeks armed with all names and addresses so all questions can be answered.

    I am hoping someone who is already fighting for PIP interveiws to be recorded would see me and use me in their case to strenghen a victory or might know someone. I did read somewhere that some MPs are pushing for it too but that's all I know. Because these so called assessors lie and nobody can prove it and a lot of claimants are physically too weak to fight and head towards suicide bridge.
  • Misscleo
    Misscleo Member Posts: 647 Pioneering
    Good for you go see CAB.
    No one should be mauled and no it wasnt a mistake. 
    She wouldnt be grinning if it was an accident. 
    If you accidentally touch somone youd get upset cos you wouldnt want it done to you.
    Shes a creep
    and a BIG YES to having ALL interveiws being recorded
  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,447 Disability Gamechanger
    Why was the accessor touching the claimant in the genital area any way? Just checking your pulse at the wraist and testing leg pressure of leg movement on the knee and the same on the arm touching lower arm. Report the acessor go to the police.
  • whistles
    whistles Member Posts: 1,583 Disability Gamechanger
    I think they should have a second person if the claimant isn't bringing anyone. 
    It's really really sad to be honest that the whole process of gathering evidence and needing to record things already makes it look like a court case, just to be awarded some money to try and live on.
    Do not follow me, I don't know where I am going.
  • Misscleo
    Misscleo Member Posts: 647 Pioneering
    Your right its way over the top.
    It was too easy before iv heard people say they havnt worked in X yesrs.
    2 men broke their legs in 1992 coming off motor bikes. They havnt worked since. 
    And their wivrs havnt either...
    .not.fair on tax payer.
    But now not fair on.disabled people
  • duckett123
    duckett123 Member Posts: 81 Courageous
    you must report it to police so it doesn't happen to anyone else its bad enough once which you well.
  • Matilda
    Matilda Member Posts: 2,610 Disability Gamechanger
    I posted on this thread earlier but the post has disappeared.  I wrote something to the effect that the Government knows that the assessment companies are not fit for purpose but are not going to do anything about it because they just don't care - even though PIP is costing more money than DLA whereas it was supposed to save money!


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