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local compliance telephone interview

helen50helen50 Member Posts: 2 Listener
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hi my partner just got a letter today about a local compliance telephone interview.  what is it all about 


  • CockneyRebelCockneyRebel Member Posts: 5,257 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi helen and welcome

    Local compliance telephone interviews can happen for a number of reasons.
    Sometimes they are just to check the right benefits are being paid and are random.
    They could be to investigate information received
    Has your partner received any unusul payments to his account ?

    These interviews seldom lead to anything and although serious , not something to worry about

    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
  • helen50helen50 Member Posts: 2 Listener
    thank you for your reply it will put us at ease
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 48 Listener
    edited April 2018
    I had a Compliance Telephone interview, it was a bit  scary Someone had had phoned them and said I was living with someone and I did not have mental health problems, the Guy phoned me was very short with me and kept just saying yes or no to my  replies, when l had finished the interview he said do you need to ask me anything, so l said yes what happens now? he if you don’t hear from us nothing, but after 3 weeks it was upsetting me so much so I phoned and asked what was going on, then was told the case has been closed as my  circumstances haven’t changed, l don’t know why he couldn’t of told me after the phone interview I think they like the power, when you have mental health problems this is really unfair because you worry about everything and you’re  anxiety levels go through the roof, lm really hoping this is the last  I hear from them , 
    good luck to anyone else who has one of these coming up, 
  • shaziershazier Member Posts: 82 Courageous
    I have 3 of these interviews with the compliance officer.
    The first time was a about 5 yrs ago, i had been to the dentist, it was my first journey out in months as i have agoraphobia so very rarely went anywhere. My friend who drove a van at the time was pulled over into a field and police were doing random checks, there were also people with clipboards asking questions, who we were, do we work, we said no, what benefits we were on, i thought nothing of it, the girl was very pleasant and i explained this was my first trip out in months i had to go to the dentist, i was exttremly anxious and stressed out already,  couldn't believe my first journey out turned into a very unusual afternoon. 
    story short. A few weeks later i received a letter from the compliance offer saying it was about my benefits and a date that they were coming to see me.  cant remember what other things on the letter said
    On the day a lady arrived, i was shocked
    , She started asking questions about the friend who had been pulled over in his van for a police check, and did i remember that day ..yes I did i said, how could i not remember it, i suffer with agrophobia and hadnt been through the door in months, it was the most unusual day i had just from going to the dentist.
    All the questions were about my friend staying at my house,... did i drive his van, yeah very funny..If i could drive a big van i would be working doing deliverys or something... did i go shopping with him, do we go out together... How often was he here, did he sleep here, i told her the absolute truth, i had nothing to hide, I have agrophobia, i very rarley leave the house..the last timei did leave the house is when i had to see the dentist the day we were pulled over..this isnt my boyfriend, hes a friend that i have known for many yrs and like me also suffer with a lot of health problems mainly mental health. she wasn't interested that he wasn't my boyfriend, just how often he stayed over at mine, would it be-be better if we made a claim together,she asked and we lived together what the ..... He was a friend that visited often in summer most days and occasionally stay over, he didnt stay every night, he used to do my garden, it was company for each other and that was it.... then i wouldn't see or hear from him for weeks or sometimes months. She asked what did he do when he stayed away for weeks, i said, he goes to bed and locks himself away, he has attempted suicide on many occasions and suffers from severe depression. no... i wouldn't have this friend living with me, i would live in fear of awakening one morning to find him dead because he had taken an overdose. he has taken an overdose in my house before and my daughter had to ring for an ambulance. He was uncon and not responsive, I said would you have a friend like that living with you when your disabled?
    When she left she was very friendly and did say, she wouldnt have him living with her either, she changed her attitude after the interview
    My health has deteriorated a lot since then and if that had happened recently i would of gone to pieces with having sever anxiety and panic attacks. 
    That was my first experience with a compliance officer. 
    Second time.
    My daughter was saving up for a car and was putting some money into an old isa account i used to have, so she didnt touch it. big mistake, i got flagged up as having a little more than £6000 not only did i have my benifits going into my account, she was putting money in to. It was over by i think  £85. 
    I had to show all my bank statement and expalin why i hadnt declared this money. It wasnt mine I didnt know that my daughter putting money into my isa would affect me. My daughter had to write a letter and explained to the compliance officer why the money was in my isa.and it wasnt mine, my statement clearly showed it was coming from her account into my isa... he was very nice and explained it didnt matterr who the money belonged to it will flag me up because of the interst or something like that. the money was classed as being mine, but with it only being a little over the £6000 he told her to transfer it back to her own account and not to use my account for saving. He was satified that this was genuine and no further action was needed.
    Third time
    last yr in June i had a couple of friends coming over from the states. they were not only visiting me but there family to. My neighbour reported me for having two lodgers, they saw them move in with suitcases and complained a couple of time because they were outside my back smoking. the smoke was apparently going through there bedroom window and would they go down to the bottom of the garden to smoke also, talk a little quiter, they told them i was hoovering up and cutting my lawn, they can see through walls lol i babysat my grandchildren and always had a garden full of kids and people. i was carrying and moving  large garden furniture and a few other made up stories. The compliance officer said most of what the reported was laughable, i wasn't laughing it made me ill.
    As soon as i mentioned that they were friends visting and were from the states, he auto said, that would explain the suit cases, he just asked how long they stayed, it was 3 weeks then they moved on to see other friends and family. He was satisfied and said they have to check out reports and need to send hi report of to whoever. It was clear that my neighbours were just being nasty, oh i also had a mobility car, which i dont. Iv never let on to my neighbour that i knew they had reported me,  if im sat in my garden im still as friendly with them as I've always been. Im not giving them the satisfaction of knowing they put me under suspicion. this was all because they smoked in my garden and more often than not it were vaps that they smoked. Neigbour on the oposite side of me smokes and his smoke never goes into my house, 
    this was my experience with compliance officers. when youve nothing to hide, theres  nothing to worry about it
    sometime its just a random check to make sure your on the right benefits.

  • Whittaker66Whittaker66 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    It truly is a nightmare I have bipolar with stress intolerance disorder the fact I was in support group of Esa don't seem to mean anything!!! 
  • Whittaker66Whittaker66 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    It truly is a nightmare I have bipolar with stress intolerance disorder the fact I was in support group of Esa don't seem to mean anything!!! 
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 48 Listener
    Omg what a time you have had I’m really sorry to hear that, and that’s what is worrying me at the moment l hardly go out, but my mental health team are trying to get me to do different tasks to try and help with my being so closed of from the world, so I’ve said but if I try this stuff then my  circumsances change and I can get into trouble, they said they would write a letter to them, 
    abou the police and the Van that’s very extreme behaviour is that even  legal ?  Surely not  invasion of privacy, ? I just hope that is the end of it now 
  • shaziershazier Member Posts: 82 Courageous
    the police and van incidence was about five yrs ago, they were pulling in cars and vans at random not just my friend. the police were doing vehicle checks and some of  the people with clipboard asking questions about our names if we worked ect im assuming they were working for the DWP?. they also asked about rent and council tax..At the time i didnt think that much about it, it was a bit like a survey.
    Had i of known who they were i would of said my name was fred bloggs from mars.  Apparently, the police were pulling vehicles in other areas to and they were there also. The police doing random checks isnt unusual but, those people with clipboards were asking questions did do it  like it was a survey. they didnt say who they were, and i didnt ask. If that were ever to happen again i wouldnt give them any information about me. not that i would have anything to hide just the fact that, they were snopping. Having agrophobia is absolutely awful and i can count on one hand the amount of times i have gone through the front door, If iv had a really bad fall and had to get an xray, i could never go alone, most of the fall that i have are mostly  cuts and bruses and banging my head  but, i have gone flying down the stairs and really hurt myself a couple of times. on those occasions my daughter did mange to get me to the A&E but it took a couple of days. i wouldnt wish agrophobia on any one apart from mc vey or what ever her name is from te goverment, but going out
    3/4 times in a yr to see a gp or hospital isnt a change in circumstance, it doesnt stop you having agoraphobia, it causes more stress and enxiety, i panick and i cant control it. there has been times when i have made it to an appointment and then gone into a complete panic and had to leave to get straight back home. If you have been offered therapy to help get you back intouch with the real world, please take advantage of there help. I was offered this kind of help about three yrs ago but, because my physio who used to come to the house told them i was still high rik of falling, they couldnt help me to get out? they wrote to my gp and explained why they could help at the time. I still lose my balance and at risk of falling ao, there not going to help me at this moment in time. I would give anything not to have the awful condition. Life would be so much better if i could go out. it wont stop the pain but, it would help me to socialize again.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 48 Listener
    Your story is so sad, and the DWP think we are all  fraudsters, well my mental health team have said that they are going to request my form that my other nurse sent to the DWP because I can’t remember what was put on it, because I don’t want to get into trouble if they get me to do the going out tasks, my Dad brought me a car 7 years ago I used to be a good driver but lost my  confidence, when it’s quite I get in my car and drive it round the block of my  estate, now I feel l can’t even do that with what you have said, I’ve really got to get a copy of the form that my  Nurse sent off, l just want to be left alone like l have been for the last 3 years, I feel strange and stressed about all this it’s bloody stupid, I hope things get better for you, 
  • shaziershazier Member Posts: 82 Courageous
    @Sandy Devon
    Please dont be put of by my story, it was a long time ago and just something that was taking place at that time, When i think back yes it was strange but quite laughable, I think it was more about trying to  catch people out that were claiming as living alone or working I wasnt question by the compliance officer about going to the dentist, she was only interested in, do i live alone and how ofte my friend was here and if stayed over..... not going to the dentist. 
    . as i said it was a long time ago and have never heard of it happening to anyone eles, they were only in my area for a day.  It was car check and they just happened to use being there to there there advantage...your doing nothing wrong or committing a crime by trying to get yourself out again. If i could still drive believe me i would.. I stopped driving because of my mental and physical health, i havent driven for such a long time i to, lost all my confidence when trying to get back behind the wheel, if you do short drives around the block when its quite that would be a great thing for you to do and hopefully regain your confidence. As i said, driving is not a crime when your on esa or pip so please dont worry about that. my story wasn't a warning ... My physical health doesn't permit me to drive anymore. although i have severe agoraphobia, I have managed to see a specialist over my heart, as difficult as it was, it doesnt mean i dont have agrophobia because i managed to see the consultant a couple of times to find out what was wrong with me, I couldnt under any circumstances of gone on my own but, it doesn't mean im cured.
    If you can fnd the strength to get help and do short trips in your car, that would be great for your mental health and i would recommend that if you can at least try, 
    I would love to go out again and socialize like i used to. 
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 48 Listener
    It’s been really nice talking to you and thank you for  Sharing your story, I’m sorry you’re health has  deteriorated, no mental health is a horrible thing and so many people don’t understand it one minute you feel one way the next a different way, I wanted to go round the block in my car today but couldn’t get out the door, some days I don’t get dressed or shower for 4 Days, some times I don’t sleep at all other times that’s all I want to do, but most days I don’t want to be alive 
    life is hard  overwhelming and people just don’t understand, anyway I’m going to try and get some sleep night night, x
  • shaziershazier Member Posts: 82 Courageous
    @Sandy Devon
    its been lovely chatting to you also and im sorry your having suffering with mental health to. I can relate to what your saying and its awful when we suffer with it.
    We are not alone, and there are many people in the group that understand how mental health affects us..
     I woke up this morning in a complete daze, i didnt know what day it was and couldnt even remember what i did yesterday, complete brain fog.
     Ive communicated more since joining the group, 
     . I joined asking for help with fillling my forms in because im worried sick  as im not good at writting and explaining how my conditions affect me, MY daughter who is my main carer really hasnt got the time. she cares for me,  goes to work and has a family to look after, ii feel like a burden to be be honest and wish mny time that i would go to sllep ne night and not wake up. The last time we had to fill the pip form in she got that stressed trying to put into words and putting it over correctly, it was a great worry if she didnt get it right and  it would cost me my pip. shes rung citizens advise but they dont do home visits anymore. I can give consent for her to go down with my forms and get help filling them out on my behalf but, she can only really say how she helps me and what she sees but, she cant put into words how i feel. its needs to be completed with me present but there is  no way i will be able to go to them, It needs to be what i am saying and then put into a sentence.
    Im tryining my hardest at the moment not to dig that big hole as i call it and not being able to climb my way back up. I do understand fully what you say about how your mental health affects you. There is no miracle cure, we really have to try our best in helping ourselves but, thats easier said than done, we find it far to stressful and end up bury our heads in the sand by shutting ourself of. 
    Im having good days and bad at the moment but i know the stress of having to fill these forms in again is going to send me back down into that black hole. Its difficult enough to get through days as it is and we dont need the added stress of all these re assessments. If i was capable of going to work again i would be jumping for joy.
    Ok im starting to get very anxious here and my back and fingers are  really hurting so im going to say, try and keep your spirits up as best as you can, go and drive round the block in your car, the more you do it the more confident you will get. 
    you take care

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 48 Listener
    Awwww thanks for that, ok if you can get your Doctor to write to a  psychiatrist of the mental health team you should be able to get a case worker like I have she fills out all my forms posts them as well, also there was a  charity That did some forms for me and took me to  medical assessments, before they said I didn’t need to go for them anymore, they were called  Community agents give them a try they really helped me lots with my forms, and most of what I’ve written here is from the  microphone on my phone because I’m not much good at spelling or writing, take care today and the weekend let me know how you are when you’re up to it, for me today is a not to bad day, but who knows what tomorrow will bring, l know what you mean abou a   Fuzzy head I’m talking to my son then the next minute I can’t remember what I said or having had a  Conversation, 
    take care, xx
  • shaziershazier Member Posts: 82 Courageous
    @Sand Devon
    thank you so much for the info. Im afraid i discharged myself from the psychiatrist a few yrs ago, my cpn left and could feel i could cope with having to start all over with a new one so, got my cpn at the time to discharge me from there services. I have seen the mental team as its not as easy to get straight in now to see a psychiatrist, the quickest way in now isnt through the gp, its throguh the mental health team, they have done home visit but i could express properly how i was feeling so , in there opinion  no urgency to see anyone. my spelling not good either i cheat and use a programmer called 
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 48 Listener
    So did I and I’ve got them back again, ok so I’ve now  received a letter from the Counci tax saying A matter has arisen in respect of your Council tax support that needs to be discussed with you in person, a visit will be made to your home address 8th May, l sent my form back saying l was the only one living here, so now more  worry , 
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