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Pip assessment 0 points and now a tribunal 4 mth later n they want medical records

louilou Member Posts: 5 Listener
I was diagnosed with bipolar as a teen.  I was adopted as a baby and my parents were warned by social workers that my birth mum had manic depression, personality disorder and whole list of other things. 
When I reached my teens my parents were on the ball.
I was in complete denial because I didn’t want to be anything like that woman!
By age 33 things had become so bad,  I had a complete break down and could no longer work.
Work had already put lots of reasonable adjustments in place as a result of my disability because I was covered by the act.
I was allowed the time off etc 
Anyway, I went to the dr and he referred me to my local mental health service, trouble is, I couldn’t function, can’t gwt out of bed, relied on my family for everything. 
I didn’t attend the appointments,  eventually the team discharged me because they couldn’t get hold of me!  People with mental health may understand thi, you are in. Denial and want to put everything of and forget about it.
I was awarded enhanced rate care and standard rate mobility during my pip claim and this was awarded until July 2018.
The pop made life so much easier for my parents,  October 17 and I had another break down, my parents called the local mental health crisis team,  the crisis team informed my father that I had not attended the apps at the mental health centre and I had to come on the line and explain 
She advised that she was referring me straight back, trouble is my first app wasn’t until jan 29th 2018.
During November I got a pop letter asking me to attend a medical at Sunderland!
Sunderland’s medical assessment centre is located in the busy city centre!  I suffer with panic attacks and we felt that the Durham centre would be much better as this is on a quiet industrial estate.
So the app was changed for Durham, upon arrival with my brother, I suffered a huge panic attack, I had to wait outside and the assessor had to come and find me!
She was the same lady who I saw the last time,
She advised that she could see that thinhsbhad not improved, asked a few questions and advised because I was so distressed I could leave via the fire escape in her room.  I didn’t sign out of the building.
Anyway, December came and I didn’t get any pip payment,  so I waited and got a letter to say that I had scored 0 points 
Apparently I showed no signs of distress, the assessor saw me run (it makes no difference as I can run unless my hernia starts to bother me, not the reason I claim pip)
She had told so many lies in this report! 
She felt I wasn’t on medication for bipolar so it must not be bothering me!
Has she tried bipolar medication 
They are awful and there isn’t a good one, they all have awful side effects !!!
I feel that the fact im not on meds 
proves that I need help to manage my therapy 
Since my parents learnt that I have not been attending my apps 
They learnt that I can have home visits and this has is bene agreed with the mental health team.
How can I go from enhanced to this!
I immediately applied for a mandatory reconsideration 
And this said the assessor had no reason to lie and nothing to gain from telling untruths !!!
Ok so why are they told by their managers to lie ?
I applied for a tribunal 
I have waited months 
All of a sudden last week I received a letter asking if they could access my medical records 
Of course they can, but how long will all of this take?
I am happy for them to get my medical records as the DWP did not attempt to contact my dr 
The only concern that I have is 
I only had my new assessment in January 
I have just got another app to see my nurse 
So she hasn’t had time to know me and no my conditions and there affects 
On top of this 
I was seeing my DR all of last year for FIT notes because I was off work 
they stated BIPOLAR disorder on the notes and I have sent copies to the tribunal 
I also received panic attack medication and a hospital app to get the camera down my throat 
Because of chest pains I had been suffering from.
So will the fact that my dr was writing fit notes for bipolar be enough evidence ???
As it doesn’t back up the descriptors needed for pip 
There is only my family know what care I need with the tasks in the pip



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