Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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Poplar88Poplar88 Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi there - I applied for ESA Benefit and this was given and the start date of my Claim was 2nd FEBRUARY 2018 - I am currently unable to work as I am awaiting a total hip replacement and I have not received a date yet to have the operation done - I sent off The Work Capability Questionnaire Form and today  I received a letter asking me to come in for a Work Capability Assessment - Does any one know if this Assessment is just for them to decide which Group I will be put in (ie Work Related or Support) or is it to see if I can continue  to receive ESA - My health issues are not going to change until I have had my hip replacement - Do they take that into consideration !!  Many thanks for any help or advice.


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    It's a WCA they will assess how you condition affects your daily life and would likely affect your ability to work (in any type of job)

    I gather from what you have said about your health condition that your mobilty is severly impacted ? if so then by you attending the farce you may be contradicting your claim re mobilising,if the centre is located on a floor above ground floor then they if you request have to offer a ground floor venue, due to fire saftey and their duty of care , i would also insist that the WCA is audio recorded this cuts some of the lies they tell

    If i was you i would see if i could get a letter from your GP, saying why you can't travel to their farce venue, and require a home visit (wca in your home) 
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    Hello poplar88

    The WCA decides firstly whether you are able to continue to claim ESA and secondly what group you will be placed in. 

    For most people whether you can continue to claim ESA is a points based system, and you need 15 points to continue to get ESA. The Scope website has a good explanation of ESA. It is worth however pointing out that a person can receive 15 points if they cannot mobilise more than 50 meters without severe discomfort.  The term 'mobilise' is important as a decision maker can theoretically assess the distance you are able to be mobile when using a manual wheelchair even if you do not ordinarily use a wheelchair.  If you therefore have other joint problems in your arms or hands these also need to be stressed. 

    In regards to what group of ESA you are placed this will depend on whether you fall within prescribed descriptors.  I have put  a link to the descriptors below:


    As posted if you attend a medical the assessor will observe how you walk into the assessment room, and will ask how you travelled to the venue.  If you do need a home visit you will need to explain why you cannot travel to the assessment offices and if possible obtain medical to support this.  I know that for most people waiting for a hip replacement is self explanatory as to why you should be on ESA, but unfortunately it is not always self-explanatory to medical assessors and ESA. 

    Good luck

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    They don't award points for SG descriptors  only the WRA Group , as far as decision  notices are concerned
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