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Moving from one Trust to another

veriterc Member Posts: 221 Pioneering
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If you are moving house - think very carefully.
I have just moved from London to Oxfordshire.  Ater three months of frustration, my advice is if you are thinking of doing this, as soon as you have an address to move to, go and stay with friends or even in an hotel, and sign on with your local GP.  
I didn't - and write about massive problems on
Money I was saving to buy things for my new home has been spent on private physio - necessary after polio and massive complications from cancer treatment.  I depended on this  to keep mobile, but three months on, I still haven't even got an appointment for my first physio session;  luckily private physio in Oxford is superb, but why should I have to pay out when Jeremy Hunt promises a seamless transfer?  Well, truth is it doesn't happen - so try and get as much done as you can before you actually move, so that there isn't a blip in care.   



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