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Have you been affected by Legal Aid cuts?

Alex Scope Posts: 1,305 Pioneering
In the last few years, legal aid support for disabled people has been massively reduced.

A journalist has been in touch with Scope who is writing a piece highlighting the terrible impact this has had. They are looking to talk to people who really needed legal aid but weren't able to receive it.

Have you had to fund their own legal case to contest a wrong decision with their assessment?

Or did you find it too hard to navigate the legal requirements independently so had to "give up" your fight?

If so, and if you'd be happy to share your story - please contact us [email protected]



  • Misscleo
    Misscleo Member Posts: 647 Pioneering
    Im very intetested in this. Id like to know any info you  have or get in the future.
    I think i may need legal aid in a few years and would like to know how i find a solicitor who does this work and to know what it will cost me to get tje right result


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