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Hi, my name is hurting!

hurtinghurting Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi. I have had diabetic neuropathy for approx. 15yrs. Not a good time. I was always athletic and outgoing. Still fighting the battle ,that  has no end on this earth. Everyone around you suffers as well as you. There is no cure and I've tried all kinds of treatment. Any one that does not have constant pain in varying degrees cannot understand neuropathy. Even those closest to us, just cant or wont get it. The world just goes on without you. I wish I had an answer to a normal life again for all nerve pain. I do not.     


  • JennysDadJennysDad Member Posts: 2,308 Pioneering
    Hello @hurting and a warm welcome to the community. So very, very sorry to read of your suffering - but I know my being sorry makes no difference :(
    I wish I had the answer, too, believe me. However, you will find a lot of people here who CAN directly relate to what you are going through and who will be only too glad to chat with you and to offer any advice they may have. It's a warm, friendly group in which, frankly, every member matters.
    You could perhaps make a start here by looking at our thread 'Dealing with chronic pain' at this link: https://community.scope.org.uk/categories/chronicpain. You will find conversations and resources there that may be of interest and we'd be very happy to see you join in.
    I understand very much that those who do not themselves experience something can rarely if ever understand that something properly. In my case it was the life and death of my little girl, in other cases here its the consequences of MS, epilepsy and a legion of other conditions. But here people WILL listen.
    Don't hesitate to be in touch if there is anything you think I might be able to do to help.
    Here and listening, with the greatest respect,
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