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Annabelle26 Member Posts: 103 Pioneering
I have given my MP copies of the bundle of papers that the DWP sent to the Tribunal.  He is going to do a letter of support for me.  It shows him that the whole decision made by the DWP is based on the inaccurate report sent by the Assessor after just a 20 minute assessment.

He is still trying to get the ESA review postponed or even cancelled.  The DWP had not received the form asking why I missed the assessment by the time it was supposed to be returned by.  I received the form on the Saturday & it had to be returned by the following Thursday & the envelope they sent was 2nd class.  I posted on the Monday.  The person I spoke to about it was very unhelpful & told me it would take up to 9 days to get to them & it would be up to a decision maker what happens then.


  • shazier
    shazier Member Posts: 82 Courageous
    good luck i really hope you get a good outcome.I wouldnt have a clue how to contact my mp or,  what to say, i find it very difficult expressing and putting into words what im trying to say when it come to filling forms in. i get that stressed and anxious it makes me ill, i really don't think i coud cope and would let them get away with it. im good at telling others to fight but coudnt put it into practise myself. keeping fingers crosed for you and hope you get what you deserve.
  • CockneyRebel
    CockneyRebel Member Posts: 5,216 Disability Gamechanger
    For anyone wanting to contact their MP

    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,449 Disability Gamechanger
    Good morning, when you send anything to the DWP it goes to a central sorting office then onto the appropriate department hence the delay when you ring to find out if they have the documents you sent.
  • Annabelle26
    Annabelle26 Member Posts: 103 Pioneering
    Wilko - yes I know that.  I knew it would not get there in time but I wanted to tell the DWP it would not get there in time & that it was on its way.  I did not want the DWP to use late delivery as an excuse to sanction me.  I also told my MP.


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