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I just think it's time to talk to others instead of bottling everything up.

Clarecook1973Clarecook1973 Member Posts: 18 Connected
edited April 2018 in Disabled people
I just think it's time to talk to others instead of bottling everything up.   
I'm a 46 year old married mum whose classed as disabled. 
Hope everyone on here is having a good day nice to meet you all x


  • JennysDadJennysDad Member Posts: 2,308 Pioneering
    Hello Clare @Clarecook1973 and a very warm welcome to the community. Very pleased to 'meet' you.
    Talking is good :smile: Bottling it up? Well, you've worked out the correct answer to that one yourself. So please, please tell us more Clare.
    I'm here and listening and others will be as your post filters through our membership. The links lower down the screen (white on a purple background) will take you to a whole range of conversations with people with different conditions and issues, so please feel free to look around. And do not hesitate for a moment to get back to us if there is anything you think we might be able to help with.
    Chat, rant, scream, shout - we're here to listen and eager to get to know you.
    Warmest best wishes to you
  • Lasian_ScopeLasian_Scope Member Posts: 660 Pioneering
    Welcome to the community @Clarecook1973, it's great to have you join!

    Feel free to have a look around at our different groups and discussions, and get involved whenever you're ready - you might be interested in our disabled parents group.

    Please do get in touch if you have any questions or if there's anything we can support you with  :)
  • Clarecook1973Clarecook1973 Member Posts: 18 Connected
    Thankyou for making me feel so welcome
  • Sam_ScopeSam_Scope Member Posts: 7,732 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Clarecook1973
    Welcome to the community, I look forward to chatting with you :)
    Senior online community officer
  • Clarecook1973Clarecook1973 Member Posts: 18 Connected
    Thankyou for making me feel so welcome you to 
  • Clarecook1973Clarecook1973 Member Posts: 18 Connected
    I don't think I'm better than anyone else  the opposite to be honest but as I've got older I just can't handle change I don't know of others feel that way to ?  But I just want things to settle down in some areas and things to not be so up and down I can't do rollercoaster living if u get me.
    Problem mainly with me is had depression since was around 13 been in very bad relationships in the past am very luckily married to a man I adore but since my gastric bypass 3 years ago I've had so many health problems constant anemia.mood swings.underactive thyroid but apparently I had that before and didn't know osteoarthritis in my hands list goes on I'm sorry to people reading this I sound all woe is me and feeling sorry for my self I just feel life's not fare I am happy I had my bypass lost all my weight in that regard it's great but in lot of ways I'm worse of.
    Sorry again for moaning just getting it of my chest I hope whose reading this is ok and having a good day hugs to you all 
  • Sam_ScopeSam_Scope Member Posts: 7,732 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Clarecook1973
    I am no expert or have any medical training but I have a digestive disorder and I know just how badly anaemia and lacking other vitamins can affect you physically and also your mood.

    Are you getting much medical support in dealing with these things?

    It's great to hear that the gastric bypass helped you lose weight, but it's really important that we all look after our mental and emotional health too.  

    Have you sought any help for the depression? Some people find medication helps, some people prefer talking therapies and some a mixture of both things can help.  Your GP would be the first port of call for this.

    One thing that helped me in dealing with chronic illness, post surgical problems and depression was getting out every day and getting fresh air and a little exercise, this was teamed with other support too but I thought of it like a prescription, I had to take certain medication every day and I had to get out of the house.  Some days that is literally 5 minutes sat in the garden and some days I can do more.

    They call it Ecotherapy and MIND say that Ecotherapy can make a significant difference to how you feel, for example by helping you feel more grounded, providing an alternative perspective on life and helping your mind and body to relax. It can:
    Senior online community officer
  • JennysDadJennysDad Member Posts: 2,308 Pioneering
    Hello Clare @Clarecook1973 and just a quick observation here. Don't be hard on yourself for 'moaning' - 'getting things off your chest' is one of the things we are here for and it is something most of us desperately need to do at some point.
    You matter here.
  • Clarecook1973Clarecook1973 Member Posts: 18 Connected
    Thank you Richard no one has ever said that to me that I matter and I think it's programmed into me now if i say how I feel it's moaning but that's how I feel by people round me st home so just don't bother saying how I feel anymore 
  • CockneyRebelCockneyRebel Member Posts: 5,258 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi Clarecook

    Wow. You so do matter. You matter to your partner. You matter to your children. and now you have joined our community you matter to us.
    We are all taken for granted if we let our selves be, and we all take ourselves for granted as well.

    My wife and I have have two life changing events in the last months, on top of our ongoing health conditions, We were plodding along taking everything for granted happy with life as we had accepted it, then all of a sudden everything is now up in the air

    Coming on here and having a moan or a rant is the first step, we will always be here to listen but only you can make changes in your life, if you want to

    with best wishes

    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
  • JennysDadJennysDad Member Posts: 2,308 Pioneering
    Hi Clare, @Clarecook1973, and yes, the truth - that you matter - is always rarely told. Doesn't stop it from being true though.

    In the world outside this community, and other communities like it, there are people to whom our situations are simply inconvenient. Many of those people have not faced earth-shattering problems and think that things can be fixed by saying "Well, there's others in worse situations", or "Pick your chin up and it'll all turn out fine" and dozens of other meaningless platitudes.

    The truth is different, harder and more demanding, so many people just can't be bothered with it. We all matter. And those whose lives can be improved by just a little more love, a little more care, a little more open listening, matter all the more.

    So yes, you matter, and very much. And if you want to say something - even if you want to call it 'moaning' yourself :smile: ), just go ahead. We're listening.
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