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Hello everybody this is for all your Chinese take out lovers.  Want a Chinese well this a meal I make using store cupboard staples and easy to do.


You will need blender of food processor

Sausages good ones min 90% meat content  Good sausages make the meal here.
Per person three sausages out of skins roll into three medium large meatballs.
1 Onion
Peppers any 
From a Jar Garlic , Ginger, Chilli 1 teaspoon each.
Chinese  5 Spice Powder half teaspoon or more
This is a Chinese Blend of spices usually Cloves, Fennel plus Black Pepper, Star Anise
Soya a dash
Sesame Oil a dash
Wok to noodles pack  These noodles already cooked vacuum pack no water straight to dish.
Usually two in pack.
Tin of sweetcorn drained.
Passata carton.
Coriander dried 1 teaspoon


1.Take sausages out of skins.  Roll into meatballs.  Easy to do wash wet hands then roll.

Size up to you.  As long their meatball sized.  Fry off oil touch.  Seal brown.  Remove.

2.  Make sauce Blender or Food processor.  Onions diced up add with Peppers diced up, plus every thing else.  Garlic, Chilli, Ginger,5 spice Powder, Soya , Sesame oil, Passata, Coriander.

Blitz.  Makes a lot so portion for numbers.

3.  To pan sear sauce warm through.  Add back sausage meatballs.  Cover simmer till cooked through about ten minutes adjust timings.

4.  Last minute add noodles out of pack warm through.  Cover another few minutes.

5. Check seasoning.  Taste add extras Sweetcorn at the end warm through another few minutes.

6.  Options roll meatballs into five spice powder if you wish.  Before cooking.

7. Add to your taste any left over.  Doing vegetable noodles to night with left over sauce add stores Zucchini and Mushrooms.  Frozen vegetables Peas and Green Beans.  Other options.

8.  This sauce use it for anything easy like cooked prawns defrosted.  Perhaps cooked chicken easy with choice of freezer veg.
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