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Pip Assessment

alanan Member Posts: 3 Listener
edited April 2018 in PIP, DLA, and AA

Had My Pip Assessment Today. Asked the young lady before she started if she was aware of my condition which I submitted in written evidence along with my application.I did this as a precursor to the assessment to make sure she could form an as accurate as possible opinion of my assessment, which  she would be sending to DWP.Her Answer...'No We Don't Have Any Of That...All I Have On My System For This Assessment Is The Application Form You Filled In'.

.I was furious at this as an accurate assessment cannot be done without this vital evidence(5 separate  pieces of it in actual fact).I asked her to show me on her screen just exactly what she had read and briefed herself on about me as a way of some reassurance to me that she had read something. She Attempted to show but it was upside down.I had to ask her to rotate it the right way up but she was unable to perform that simple task and blamed the computer(but as was proven later on by somebody else this was not the case).

So my assessor could not even operate the simplest of simple tasks on a pc(what a joke). She suggested we carry on with assessment and sort that out at the end.It was a bad start but I agreed.(I did not ask her for id to prove how qualified she was (or not at all imho) I will look into this tomorrow .

If That Individual was any of the stated qualified professionals that atos say they use...I will eat my hat...all of it.Trust me on this ...I have dealt with many qualified professional people over the years, as I have been  a full time Carer of my elderly severely disabled Mother ..still am and have been for over twenty years....

So the assessment ended and that is when I started.As she stated they were adamant that they had not received any of this written evidence as it was not on their system.I asked her where is it?....she said she did not know and that the dwp had not forwarded it to them.So I asked her what can I do?she said ,'when you get home phone phone dwp and take it up with them.I said,I am not leaving this room until YOU call dwp on my behalf and ask them if they have that written evidence and if they have  sent it.

By this time, there were three atos reps in the room all looking like they were bricking it.Whilst they were waiting for dwp to answer the call ...I questioned the other two atos staff ...that if by any chance dwp have not got that written evidence could they electronically send my copies which I had brought with me to the assessment over to them.They said that they do not have the facilities to do that and if required they would have to be sent by post...

So out of all of the massive amounts of money atos are raking in....they can't even provide a simple facility like that...not even a fax machine...come on....they're bullshi**ing...right? 

Any way dwp answered and what do you know ...yes they received all of that information and that it was automatically implemented onto atos's system over 14 days ago.So I asked atos what do they have to say about that....Nothing as it turned out form they just all stood there scratching their heads looking embarrassed and worried.

The dwp told my that that evidence is vital information needed by assessor in preparation for assessment to form a fact based opinion to be presented to dwp decision maker.So atos now have to look at the copies I brought to assessment and reform their opinion before declaring it to dwp (in effect all been done **** about face) I have to call dwp on Tuesday as they said they should have received it by then.Had I not been able to realise all of this, then  that joke of an assessment would have been formed on an inaccurate opinion from a totally unqualified individual( imha) and low and behold ....even though dwp had this information because it would not have been included in assessors opinion,they would not have been able to include it in their points evaluation (in other words...nil poi for me.

Both Parties between to them  think they have a clever system to rip people off...But as I stated to the 3 stooges in that room,I made it very clear that,' I may be sick...but I am not crazy'...That assessor left out loads of information on the basic application alone (there  is no way that she had read any of it in preparation for it...like they are supposed to do...The thing was upside down on her screen...Surely this has got to have been an attempt to extract the urine and get away with it...

Well the bad news for atos is...It Has Backfired On Them....That Is Why I Asked The Assessor To Speak To Dwp.... As She Has Had To Give Them Her Name And Verify Everything In Her Words....And Not Mine..Atos Will Have To Come Up With An Explanation As To Why All Of This Has Happened...They Now....Cannot Pass The Buck Onto Dwp.....The System Is Automated (Fool Proof)...So They Cannot Say They Made A Mistake And Forgot To Upload It.....It Is As Plain As Day To Me...Atos Have Removed That Vital Written Evidence To Try To Write Me Off As Ineligible For Pip.....I Am Going To Blow Them Out Of The Water For This......It's Not About The Money Any More Now ....They Have Picked On The Wrong Person Here.......I Will Not Let This Go........The Damage Has Been Done.......I Receive Counselling For My Condition.......

These Morons On That One Day Have Virtually Wiped Out Six Months Worth Of My Counselling....We Will See What The Legal System Has To Say About This...I Will Be Phoning Atos Up First Thing To Decipher Just How Qualified That Assessor Actually Wasn't...Because That Is A Breach Of Contract...And A Massive Insult To Me.....I Have Read Things On The Net And Thought Most Of It Was Exaggeration ....Now I Have Witnessed The Truth....It Is An Absolute Disgrace...When I Have Simmered Down ....I Will Meticulously Begin The Correct Procedures  To Take These B...st...ds  Apart.

Will Keep Posted....Lonewolf.


  • JennysDad
    JennysDad Member Posts: 2,299 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello Lonewolf @alanan and welcome to the community. Sorry we could not get back to you sooner.
    Thank you for posting this very interesting read and the best of luck to you in sorting these 'lovely people' out. I look forward very much to your updates.
    Warmest best wishes to you,
  • alanan
    alanan Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Hi Lonewolf pip update/.Contacted Dwp today 0800 121 4433.After pip assessor told dwp in her own words that they did not have the written evidence on their system...Dwp manager whom she spoke to  interpreted  it on their notes as,' me being adamant that they did not have it'...I have had to try to correct them on this by asking the dwp manager this morning to revise those notes to what was actually said by assessor...He refused and after repeated requests by me to do so,he threatened to terminate the call and proceeded to do just that..So I phoned back and spoke to (as it turned out ) somebody with at least some empathy and understanding (Yes....A Human Being)...He added this information to their notes and also told me that he could not understand how atos could not have been able to see that information on the system which was automated over 20 days ago.The previous dwp manager this morning tried to tell me it could have been a technical issue...but the empathetic advisor told me that,' the system is fool proof and there is know way atos could not have seen it'...So more deceit from atos and a bit of bailing out by dwp manager on the first call....The dwp told me that the assessor was down as an occupational therapist..(so no qualifications in mental health at all then).....Not Good!....I then called atos  0300 3300120 to lodge a formal complaint.The advisor listened and seemed most empathic and understanding.She gave me email address to lodge complaint to and is also sending the form out in the post.She also said,it would not hinder or slow down any of my claim..So I will just have to take her word for that,but will be keeping an eye on it.Will keep those interested posted on this......These are not solely rants against the system that is....I Just Hope My Posts Help Some Of You Guys Out....POWER TO THE PEOPLE!
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 29,732 Disability Gamechanger
    I'm sorry that happened to you. Unfortunately they don't seem to do anything about any complaints they receive, i've heard it all before. Lots of people complain about the HCP that did their assessment but it's like they throw it over their shoulder like a piece of salt.

    You can ring DWP and ask for a copy of the assessment report to be sent to you. This will give you some idea what the decision is likely to be because they mostly go with that report. It's also handy to have if you have to go down the MR route. Good luck.
  • alanan
    alanan Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Hi Dwp Have confirmed that atos had no reason whatsoever for not seeing the written evidence on the automated  system. Dwp said the assessor, now has to include that written evidence to her opinion  which imo (because it includes a written statement of my condition by 2 tribunal appeal judges which determined that I should be in the lcwrag of uc)  will go the whole nine  yards,rather than her self opinionated view, which would have been biased towards a failure, which is what atos's system is designed to do....I may not have had an independent witness in the room with me ..but I could not help noticing her inexperience and nervousness which encouraged me to demand that she call Dwp and explain in her words, the reason they have not included the evidence in the assessment.The other two reps in the room were cringing at that moment as though to say,'don't drop us all in it).But too late for her,She actually(probably inadvertently   incriminated herself and atos ,by stating it was not on the system...when in actual fact it was...as could so evidently be seen from the Dwp's end...They haven't got a leg to stand on...They cannot wriggle their way out of this one...Some might say ...'watch what you're saying on the net....you never know who's reading.......Well to be quite frank...it does not matter in this instance....as I am 100% in the right here and atos and the Dwp KNOW IT!..Will Keep Posting As To How This Whole Fiasco Pans Out....If Either Side Start Digging That Proverbial Hole ......They Will Turn It Into A Travesty....And They Would Not Want That...Would They.


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