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ESA help

kitty1233kitty1233 Member Posts: 7 Listener
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Hi. I've just joined and wanted to say hello plus need some help. I'm on ESA and have just got a letter in saying they are doing a home visit next week. It says they need to clarify some information but their purpose is not to discuss issues regarding my condition. Has anyone had this before and what does it mean. I'm worried sick. Thanks


  • duckett123duckett123 Member Posts: 81 Courageous
    they always say they want to clarify info but you can be assured they look to see how you are and ask you how your day to day is if you have had esa for sometime you would no how it works, if you have just been on esa just 3yrs they always do a review if you need someone with you make sue they are there its a case where it goes either way you  can never no, if the person is nice don't always think its going your way , good luck anyway.
  • BenefitsTrainingCoBenefitsTrainingCo Member Posts: 2,692 Pioneering
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    @kitty1233 >I'm sorry you're so worried about this - unfortunately checks like this are quite common. It isn't a reassessment of your condition, but nevertheless, as duckett123 says, they will observe you and may ask you about your life. They could also ask you questions about any permitted work you do, your bank accounts, your partner if you have one (if you are on income-related ESA, your savings and partner's work/income are relevant).

    I would ask them what information it is they require so you can make sure it is available when they come (for example, bank account statements). I'd definitely recommend that you have someone with you during the visit if you can.

    Here's a link to more information about visits (it may simply be a random visit for statistical purposes, or it may be a visit to check your claim, it's hard to say).

    I'd recommend that you check the visiting officer's ID as suggested in the webpage. Hopefully, it will be a straightforward visit and won't affect your claim, but it is worth spending some time getting the paperwork they may want to see ready.

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