I need to ask parents whose children have C.P.

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My daughter is two and half and has C.P. all her life.  Progress is slow and she has stiffness in her ankle joints. She can’t talk, even though she’s coming along and walking isn’t possible at the moment.
She has  to wear glasses as she has a squint in her left eye and there might be a possibility an operation is needed to fix it,  Her paediatrician has prescribed her with a muscle relaxant to help loosen her ankle joints.  We as parents are not keen on this as we’re afraid it might effect her eyes or another part of her body.  I’ve expressed my concern to the paediatrician and  she wasn’t too concerned. I want the best for my daughter and would love it if she can start walking, but I’m not sure giving this medication is the best step way forward.  Has anyone had this and if so what has been the outcome? I don’t to make things worse for her. Thanks.x