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Seeking advice- technology for hearing impairment

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I am a third year student studying biomedical engineering in the University of Sydney. I enrolled in a course asking us to think about a possible assistive technology that is not in market but might be beneficial to a certain disability. 
We are considering develop a kind of watch with vibration for people with permanent hearing impairments. For example, the watch vibrates once when there is an incoming message, twice to tell the user that someone is ringing the doorbell and 5 times for morning call that acting as an alarm. The watch can also have its original function that shows time. The watch needs to be linked with users' cell phone and doorbell or security system. 
Could you please give us some valuable suggestions in regards to our idea? Is it easy to develop this kind of product? Is it worth investing? Are there any more functionalities that this product can develop? Is it beneficial for users? It will be appreciated that if you can tell me more about the market and industry of assistive technology and how we can improve our idea. :)