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Universal credit while being unfit for work. Help

johnsmith187 Member Posts: 58 Courageous
Hello, i would like some advice if anyone has a minute.

Basically my wife has been ill with various medical conditions for around ten years. I have happily supported her since being married however in the last year her health has deteriorated to the point where we are spending quite a lot of money on aids,extra help ect so after some research I applied for pip and universal credit. She was awarded standard daily and enhanced mobility. Pip was very straight forward and I'm thankful for it. However I've found universal credit very confusing and not sure what's going on really. I applied online and put that my wife is unable to work, we then attended an Id interview and told us we will receive a payment in 22 days but she couldn't tell me how much it would be. I then got an email on her uc account saying she needs to make an appointment. From what I understand she might be entitled to lcwra element? So I have a few questions..

I've seen people talking about getting sick notes? Will my wife have to do that? Her mobility is bad and she only leaves the house every four-five months because of pain. 

I've seen people saying the lcwra element isn't paid for the first three months does that mean we will receive nothing in the first three payments?

What will she have to do to get into the lcwra part?

If she gets the lcwra how often will she have to go to meetings?

If they say she has to go every month (which I know she will be unable to do) can I just cancel the claim?

Sorry for all the questions I'm just worried about this as I feel as if I've opened a can of worms. My main worry is that apart from my wife's physical illness she also has quite a deep social phobia. After going to the pip interview she broke out in stress hives which because of her low immune system turned into open sores plus she had several panic attacks going up to the day. She now has to have another interview for uc which she is very stressful about. I usually can reassure her but I really don't know what I'm doing. If she gets any worse because of this whole thing I will have to cancel the claim as my wife is more important than a few extra bob a month.

Thanks for your time and any help would be really appreciated. 



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