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Advice regarding work and deteriorated condition?

keeppositive Member Posts: 4 Listener
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Hi guys, just joined and it's good to know there may be some support here, I'm a bit shy so bear with me, in short i was feeling housebound due to my  condition and so applied for a position which fitted around my commitments 8 hrs a week and to cover a few extra hours at Xmas and Easter or holidays,I did explain at the interview that I could not lift heavy objects , since December my back,hip, knee + ankle has deteriated and I can not move as quickly due to mobility reasons, I feel i am having more and more left for me to do on my action plans and am fearing not getting it all done, the texts and messages left for me are becoming curt and abrupt and I am normally alone , work hard and get through my 4 hour shift, I am aching at the end of my shift but enjoy my little job as a bit of independance, however management don't get along with area management and because they can't .com i feel like pig in middle and that they're taking it out on me! It's also been suggested that because I didn't include my ailments on my form I'm in the wrong but truth is my condition has deteriorated since being there but I can still do my job as well as anyone else just not as fast as they would like as witnessed by the area managers my list was far greater than my work colleagues who did same hours, I'm wondering should I log my updated conditions to head office? Or would that attract unwanted attention to myself? Xx


  • steve51
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    Hi @keeppositive

    Good morning & welcome along.

    We have got lots of info & advice on this very subject.

    I have also faced this “head on in the past”

    If you require any help/support please please let me know!!!!!!!

  • Sarahf
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    There are a number of things going on here and this is a senario that is more common than you realise. It’s difficult to give specific advice but I did a vocational law course to try and understand some of the reactions and attitudes I used to receive.  The first thimg to check is the nature of your contract and the terms and conditions therein.  Secondly you need to establish whether you have what are called protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010.  Does your condition affect your ability to perform your daily functions if so how?  You can google protected characteristics and you will find the list is quite extensive.  The issue of disclosure is a matter of personal choice.  Did you have an Occupational Health medical when you started this job?  Were any reasonable adjustments identified around the pace and volume of work you could take on.  Has the option of different hours/rest breaks been explored so that you can maximise rather than diminish your performance over the course of a working day that suits you.  You could start by writing Occupational Health a letter outlining your ideal work set up and then have a discussion with them and your supervsor to see what was mutually suitable/possible.  

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  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Hi @keeppositive, welcome to the community!

    So sorry to hear this, it must be a really frustrating situation to be in and I can really empathise with how this must be affecting your health. All employers are required by law to make reasonable adjustments for disabled employees, and yours is no exception.

    It would certainly be a good idea to communicate your current situation and needs to somebody, be that your boss or head office. This guidance on making adjustments if your condition changes may help with this. Really hope this helps and please do keep us updated!


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