Dealing with chronic pain
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Cp and getting older

Carrie38Carrie38 Member Posts: 40 Connected
Hi I am 40 years old have mild cp and in my 20s. I noticed the aging part of cp back bad due to poor posture . Had major surgery to correct this been using sticks or crutches since . 

In my 30s I started with upper back and neck pain from using crutches also Carpol tunnel is bad so painful to use crutches.  I am now ill health retired after years of fighting to stay at work.  I suffer with arthritis and chronic pain. I am always tired and often in bed early . I have cp  mildly but as I get older the effects get worse. 

Does anyone else feel the same.  I need surgery on both hands by hands are my feet and are tired .


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  • Chloe_TearChloe_Tear Member Posts: 16 Courageous
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  • DavidOnlineDavidOnline Member Posts: 24 Courageous
    Hi Carrie, you might like to know that I am 63. I have had two carpal tunnel operations and they have worked pretty well. I'm not ageing as well as I would like and also have pain and inflammation and walking difficulties, but I have always thought it is important to get as much exercise as possible of whatever I can do, and which includes tai chi and cycling and some yoga. Stretching does help release the tension. I think just do what you can, what your body feels comfortable with, but just go a little bit further.
  • Carrie38Carrie38 Member Posts: 40 Connected
    Thanks for the reply they are not sure now what is wrong with my hands and arms need more tests . I too have mild cp. 
  • htlcyhtlcy Member Posts: 133 Pioneering
    Hiya @Carrie38 , i have mild cp and am increasingly struggling with increased pain and fatigue. I have found that Baclofen helps to relieve tightness and take analgesia when necessary. I also need to sleep at the same time every night to function well (and at weekends I nap quite a lot!). I started a full time job in September which has been overwhelming in some aspects but luckily my employer is understanding. Sorry you're struggling but I always find comfort in the fact I'm not alone :) 
  • Carrie38Carrie38 Member Posts: 40 Connected
    I am pleased you have a good employer.  I was ill health retired 2 and a half years ago. I struggled with pain and fatigue.  I can't sadly function when I take Baclofen I have tried it before. I have to go to bed before 9 most nights as shattered.  I struggle to stay asleep with my pain levels.  I only have cp mildly too for  me it's the ageing process. X
  • littlemissinnocentlittlemissinnocent Member Posts: 13 Connected
    This may sound daft, but it's so nice to see that others also have pain. I never really realised CP (or things related to it) could cause pain. My thoughts have always been that it can't get worse, but lately I'm struggling.
  • lozzer25lozzer25 Member Posts: 89 Courageous
    I have intermittent sleep I constantly wake up never wake up in the morning refreshed my shoulders and neck are always tight I have an essential tremor in my leg which I have to have botox for I take baclofen but it seems to be only limited to hands doesn't do anything for legs neck and shoulders if I raise my arms above a certain level they start to shake and are weak when it comes to lifting shopping is difficult walking tires me as the spasticity in my leg causes my foot to turn in and it is also weak as I have used my right to bare all my weight if I go down on my left leg I can't get back up I found out when I was 25 that I had mild spastic diplegia and upper limb dyspraxia i am 32 now and in the last ten years I feel it has definitely got worse
  • DavidOnlineDavidOnline Member Posts: 24 Courageous
    I'm realising that CP does get worse as you get older. It's not static and it's not just due to secondary issues caused by the CP. For example, I am much more likely to have a muscle spasm, esp. in reaction to environmental changes (e.g. sudden warm to cold change - plunging in cold water), and my right leg turns inwards as well as having lack of motor nerve connectivity. If it were due to the motor nerve being cut, it wouldn't necessarily turn inwards in that classic CP manner. Why is there no research on this? Why no medical, let alone NHS, awareness and support?
  • Carrie38Carrie38 Member Posts: 40 Connected
    I am sorry to hear other people's struggle with cp and ageing.  I am having a hard week with being tired all.the time on top of the normal pains etc 
  • Lucysam25Lucysam25 Member Posts: 35 Connected
    My doctor told me years ago that you will get worse has you age she was right i am i take Baclofen  also naproxen  also Dihydrocodeine  I am like a stick when i try and peel my self from the bed in the morning 
  • Lucysam25Lucysam25 Member Posts: 35 Connected
    I every. One i have mild cp  &  sina-bifida osteopriss i am only 61 years old i have to have a hip replacment and have arthritis of the hips and knees i take baclofen naroxen dihydro-codeine  also  the drs told me when  i was only in my  thirtys by the time you  get to fifty's you will get worse but why can't the People likes of the workers from DWP see that you are not well  it makes my blood boil 
  • Carrie38Carrie38 Member Posts: 40 Connected
    It's very frustrating I have been ill health retired  3 years now.  And still have to go though benifit side of things every 3 years I do not get better as my cp will not go away lol 
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