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Becoming self-employed

Calliope6 Member Posts: 2 Listener
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Hello there! I have always been involved in community organising on a voluntary basis. I am now interested to set up a working not for profit health organisation helping people find /refind their centre in order to navigate through difficult times... like a health diagnosis, or a loss in physical circumstances. I have been working health stuff and illness or 20 years, breast cancer for the last 14 long years. I still work with breast cancer. Sometimes I am totally incapacitated and weak. I have a large amount of tumours that bleed and restrict my movement etc etc. But I also have drive and optimism. I would love to come off some benefits... and run a part time company, but am also terrified of doing this in case I lose my benefits and then am too ill. I am looking for some hardcore advice so I can be fully informed of any ramifications of setting up a CIC business account and applying for funding to create some community projects. I was wondering if anyone on here has any advice or has done this?
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