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Is this discrimination ?

Hi all    I have back problems and use a specially adapted chair at work . Since I got the chair other staff have been using it and altering the height on it . They have also been pushing the adapted footrest I have right to the back under whichever desk it's at so I have to get down on my knees and crawl under the desk to get it out . I spoke to my manager about this and her response was to put a sticker with my name on them and leave a message for staff not to touch them in the day nook . She also told me to push my chair and footrest to the bottom office at the end of the day so they are out of the way and people won't mess with them . That means when I come in in the morning and in the worst of back pain I have to go and get them from the end office and pull them through two heavy fire doors before I start my job . I asked why she couldn't tell the staff not to touch the chair and she said there's nothing wrong with me writing it in the day nook. I actually work for a charity that also has a disability service and feel annoyed that this would most probably never be allowed to happen if I was a client . Am I right or am I being over sensitive ? 



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