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DWP have backed out of tribunal bipolar disorder and put pip back into payment

louilou Community member Posts: 5 Listener
edited April 2018 in PIP, DLA, and AA
I really hope that I can help someone with my story.
I suffer with bipolar affective disorder as well as social isolation disorder & panic attacks. I was diagnosed with bipolar in my teens but I used to just suffer! anyway things became really bad a few years ago, I mean bad ! I set a light to my kitchen amongst many other things.
i telt on help and support on a daily basis, it’s awful when you don’t have a physical disability because people don’t believe that you are disabled but anyone with a mental disability will understand.

Back in 2016 my parents applied for pip and I was awarded enhanced rate care and standard mobility! This was awarded for two years but little over one year later and the medical assessment letter arrived!
my parents cancelled the first app As this was scheduled for Sunderland, it’s located within a busy city and I would struggle with this on most days. They made a new app but this time it was at Durham, much better place to attend. upon arrival I had to wait outside because I was suffering with a huge anxiety attack. the assessor had to come and find me! The assesor was the same person that I saw the lay time! 

She advised that she could see that things had not improved. we sat down and I wasn’t well at all, one of my worst days as I was so stressed, she said because she knew me off my last assessment it would be very quick, but she asked about my mental health and why I wasn’t on medication at this time. I advised her that my parents had taken OVER MY APPOINTMENTS because I had not attended and was discharged! However my parents had to call mental health crisis team and learnt that I had not managed my own therapy, I explained that the last time I had attended I saw the DR and she had given me a list of bipolar medication because all the ones I had been on so far, had made me ill as they had horrific side effects.
i explained that the info she had given me, scared the life out of me because they were all as bad ass each other.
the assesor then said that she was allowing me to leave via the fire escape in her room, as  I was so distressed!

then a few weeks later,  pip told me that my benefit was stopping and I had scored 0 points for everything. 0 points are you joking?  The assesor had lied and there is no other way to put it, she lied through her teeth, I showed no signs of distress etc and the most insulting part of her report 
client said that mental health dr had given her a list of medication but this would never happen !
this implies that I am a liar 
i was so angry and asked for mandatory reconsideration !   I was alarmed when this was refused and once again 0 points!
i then wrote a letter for tribunal, whilst waiting I write to my mp and complained to the DWP but it got  me nowhere.

the MP did receive a response from DWP advising I had no medical evidence, I thought that they would contact my CPN and dr as they had asked for all the details !!!
so I now had to pay for medical evidence and wait for my tribunal.
i have had the medical evidence weeks and eventually got round to posting this to the tribunal service who in turn sent a copy to my father as my rep and carer.
approx 1 week later a withheld number called me and advised that my case had been passed to her and she is a decision maker at the Pip claims.
she was going to put my PiP back into payment immediately and was over turning the decisions made !!!
on the back of my medical evidence

i had kept the bulk of my evidence for the tribunal but I had sent DRs notes and letters between the CPn and my own gp
luckily I could prove that the assesor was wrong, because the mental health dr had wrote to my GP after she had given me a list of medication to take hime!
luckilt she had wrote thi in the letter
so I could prove that this did happen and their medical assesor knows nothing !!!
4 months down the line now and I don’t have to attend a tribunal they have over turned the decison
please please do not take give up
keep going  


  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,790 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @louilou, thank you so much for sharing this with us. I'm so sorry that you had to go through this ordeal, but I'm so glad to hear that things have been sorted for you now and you don't have to face a tribunal. I'm sure hearing your story will provide comfort to some of our community members too.

    I hope today is as kind as possible to you!
  • susan48
    susan48 Community member Posts: 2,221 Disability Gamechanger
    Thats an awful time and so much anxiety.
    Im glad that you didn’t need to attend a Tribunal and the DM reinstated your award. I hope the award is for a longer time so you can focus on your MH.

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