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Going to post form for tribunal

ste350 Member Posts: 22 Listener
edited April 2018 in PIP, DLA, and AA
Hi everyone, I am going through this pip hell. I have been on DLA for many years after an accident at work. Since then I have had spinal surgery which has failed and caused many other problems that I would rather not discuss. I was sent for an assessment 26th January but when I got a letter from DWP they had knocked both awards to standard. I now have to return my car in 20 days, loose my £3000 deposit and lose my blue badge. When I read the assessors report there were many outright lies and because of this I will lose my independence. I am now going to post the form for a tribunal with letters from my GP and my Rheumatologist tomorrow. Don't have any idea how long this will take but the stress in overwhelming me and my wife.


  • Markinsutton
    Markinsutton Member Posts: 83 Pioneering
    Hello @ste350

    just wanted to say hi and to say you are not alone its quite stressful but sadly so many disabled people have had to go through the process. Myself included, I did get my PIP but lost my employment and support allowance the next week so having to appeal that, its taking ages and in the meantime no money. 

    I understanding if you lose your PIP when you have a motability car they give you a sum of money I think it is £2000 but don't quote me on that. 

    Good luck 
  • JennysDad
    JennysDad Member Posts: 2,299 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @ste350 and a warm welcome to the community. Warm, but sad; so many posts like yours, so many having a tough time.
    I can't give you concrete advice, I'm afraid, but we do have people here who will offer what support they can.
    Stay in touch, and bear with us,
    Tagging @BenefitsTrainingCo
    Warmest best wishes,

  • ste350
    ste350 Member Posts: 22 Listener

    Thank you for your messages, I will keep you all up to date with what happens in the future. Steve

  • charlene
    charlene Member Posts: 555 Pioneering
    Hi ate350, if you have had your motobility for a certain length of time mobility will give you £2500.00 , as far as your £3000.00 you will get some back depending on time period length.  Example 1,200.00   time lengthleft.  2 months  refund £200.00.  Lol hope my sums are right.
    When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
  • ste350
    ste350 Member Posts: 22 Listener

    Thank you Charlene.

  • atlas46
    atlas46 Member Posts: 826 Pioneering
    Hi Steve

    Sorry to learn of the process you are going through.

    Have you spoken to Motability about your car.  If you are appealing your PIP, they let you keep the car for up to 26 weeks, at no cost.

    They are very helpful.

    Keep us informed and best wishes.
  • ste350
    ste350 Member Posts: 22 Listener
    Thanks Atlas46 I am going to ring them this morning, I will let you know how I get on. Steve
  • GizmoTiddles
    GizmoTiddles Member Posts: 128 Pioneering
    As to the return of the car from what little I know ,due to a relative
    Having to give car back ,due to DLA to pip knock back.
    £2000 was the figure plus his
    £800 deposit returned .
    Hang on to it for further weeks and the £2000 figure decrease week on week 
    Hope this helps .
  • ste350
    ste350 Member Posts: 22 Listener
    Thank you for the information. Steve


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