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pip review form

shazier Member Posts: 82 Courageous
edited April 2018 in PIP, DLA, and AA
Hi all, could someone please give me some advice. My daughter rang pip not to long ago and ask when my review was, she was told 25th june. My other daughter rang them today to ask, would i get my form in may so its completed by the 25th  june or would i get it in june.
 the guy said, has your mum had her letter yet? I haven't had any letter informing me that is due for renewal, the guy at dwp said, i should of received a letter which should of come about 14 weeks before. iv did not have anything so he rechecked and said, no letter had been sent out and im not up for renewal until 25th  June 2019. I really hope this is the case but, I'm sure when i got my pip in 2015 it was for 4yrs. I thought they renewed a yr before? i cant find the letter that i received back in 2015 with my reward on,  could he of made a mistake, he is saying that is whats on the computer system is saying june, 2019. Im worry in case they stop my pip because i havent sent the re-newel form back but if i don't receive one i cant send it back. im confused. could this be a mistake on their part


  • shazier
    shazier Member Posts: 82 Courageous
    I have found my letter and i got my reward untl june 2019  and the letter says, it will not be looked at before 28th june 2018?? so is the guy at dwp wrong when he says, its not due for re newal until next june 2019 I though they did the revieve a yr earlier
  • despondent
    despondent Member Posts: 88 Connected
    Hi Shazier, it says that your PIP will not be reviewed until 28th June 2018, that is 2 months away. Wait until then, and then phone them up as you seem to be worrying constantly about it. I personally would let sleeping dogs lie, meaning that I'd wait until they sent me a new PIP form application. You follow your heart and do what is best for you and your mental health needs.
  • whistles
    whistles Member Posts: 1,583 Disability Gamechanger
    "I have found my letter and i got my reward untl june 2019  and the letter says, it will not be looked at before 28th june 2018"

    So after the end of June this year at some point they might write to you. But chances are it won't get sent until next year. Still lots of time.

    My award ends Feb and the letter says they won't contact me before Jan the previous year.

    I am off the view of not poking the fire. 
    Do not follow me, I don't know where I am going.
  • shazier
    shazier Member Posts: 82 Courageous
    @ whsles. yes thats what its says, so when my daughter rung the first time he did say june but didn't say 2019. i automatically thought he meant this june, but because i wasnt sure if they would send them in may to be completed by june, my other daughter rung to check for me. it was the second guy that said i would receive a letter good 14 weeks before and no letter had been sent out. and it say june 2019. I didnt have my original letter but thankfully have found it now so its written in black and white. To be honest the stress and worry and caused me allot of anxiety and  with my esa form arriving to, that has to be completed by the 15 the may, i dont even know what day or yr it is most days when im extremly stressed and anxiious...
    , we have a lady coming out on the 16th may from cit advise but it won get back intime. my daughter rang t ask for an extion but they cant that, bt with me having a red flag because i suffer mental health to, they re more leaniant and as long as we ut why it is late this shoud be ok?, i have read and read this form but, i kow what i want to say but i cant put it into word. i still have a copy of my last esa form which was done 5 yrs ago, when i read it there is not allot of differance since that form apart from deteriations in some of my conditions and a couple of new one to add on. i didnt have a face to fce and was awarded on paper face,That was such a relief.... thats what im hoing for this time. it make me more stressfull whena stranger is going to come int my home, i am going to be extremely stress and my anxiety levels are going to be through the roof, when i feel like this my mind goes a complete blank, i feel sick and  can't even rembember what health probs i have and the te stress sets my angina of. I know im in the sam boat as allot of poeple and really sorry that they to have to cope with this, its awful, why couldnt they leave us on income support and not have to keep worrying about the dreadful forms, If i could make my conditions go away and go to work  would be jumping for joy, i miss my old like so very much.
    sorry if this sounds all mumbled up m struggling at the moment
  • shazier
    shazier Member Posts: 82 Courageous
    Hi all, sorry iv not been around im still in a very bad state over my son dying and really dont feel up to chatting much at all lately. I am alo stressing over my esa review which i sent in on the 15 may and still heard nothing back, my daughter has rung and apparently, my form is still with the medical team. I now have my pip review form, if things aren't bad enough. can i please ask for advice. Its asking if my condition is easier the same or worse. in my case things are still the same as they were when i was last assessed apart from, i have been diagnosed with heart ischaemic heart disease. Iv just ticked the no change boxes, should i send in any new evidence with this form? i have heard that they look at your previous claim but, do they still have all the evidence that you send in? and should i just add a note about the heart condition. it has altered the amount of care i receive so, iv not done a change in circumstance. I was sure if it was a change in circumstances. I know its a new diagnosis ut my needs haven't change.
    advise please, the sooner i get this form of the better, im already at breaking point
    thank you 
  • Waylay
    Waylay Member Posts: 971 Pioneering
    @shazier I'm so sorry to hear about your son. That must be devastating. Having to deal with all this stuff right now isn't fair. It's possible that they might give you a two week extension if you call and ask. That's not much, but maybe the extra time would reduce your stress? Feel free to message me if you need to talk. I haven't lost a son, but I lost my surrogate mother a few years ago. That's different, obviously, but maybe I might understand. I'm happy to listen.

    Whatever box you tick, fill in the text box below. I know, you told them all this last time, so you think you can just tick "no change" and it's all good. I thought so too, but I was wrong. Don't expect that they'll have access to your last form, or your evidence from last time. The DWP and ATOS and CAPITA are at the very least incompetent. Sometimes they seem to be purposefully screwing up applications to get people off benefits, but hard to be certain. So give them all the info about each question again. Tell them how your conditions affect you for that activity. Can you bathe yourself? Do you need help getting in or out of the shower or bath? Do you use aids? Are you too depressed to bathe? Do you need someone to prompt you? Why? Connect it to the health condition(s) that cause these problems. They do want to know what your diagnoses are, but it's much more important that you tell them how they affect how you function for each of the questions.Tell them a story about a time when you couldn't bathe. (This is just an example).

    Yes, discuss the change in your heart condition and the changes in your care! Add any changes in function it causes you to each question. Mention what your carer does, and why you can't do it for yourself. If your carer has time, you could ask them to write a little letter saying what you can and can't do for each of the questions, and what they help you with. Do they prompt you, or supervise you, or assist you? Do they cook for you because you can't? I know, this stuff is humiliating (when I filled in my last form, I realized that I actually haven't been able to cook myself a meal for years. Ow. I used to pride myself on my cooking), but tell them - it sucks, but try not to be proud or to say that you can cope with things you can't.

    I hope that helps. Hopefully more people will have more useful stuff to say.

    Again, my condolences for your loss.
  • shazier
    shazier Member Posts: 82 Courageous
    @ Waylay
    Thank you so much for your reply and kind words, My daughter has rung and i have an extre 2wks.  i am also so sorry to hear of your loss. At the moment no words can describe how i am feeling, to be honest, i  feel that i could go to bed and wish I wouldn't wake up. I know i shouldn't think like this and know there are people out there dying all the time, it makes me sound so selfish and my heart really does go out to them but,  i can't help myself at the moment, everything is so negative and i cant see further than my own nose. The day before the funeral when they came to dig my sons grave, they dug up my daughter's casket to, The casket was buried underneath the headstone and was told that would never be disturbed at future burials.  they said it was because the ground had moved? i think they dug in to deep.We had to have a new casket for my daughter because it was all broke and then have her buried again, this all happened the day before my sons funeral. I really cant believe all this has happened on top of my sons death, im really struggling with  my anxiety and depression I have got to the point now of thinking, If i don't get through my reviews, they can stuff it because i just haven't got any fight in me to take them on.


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