Mental health issues
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Council Tax Letter

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Hi I have just  received a letter from the Council Tax support, I filled in a form and sent it back about 3 weeks ago, then the  compliance telephone interview  Was done and the case was closed now this letter has com saying A Matter has arisen in respect of your Clare for Council Tax Support that needs to be  discussed with you in  person, 
A visit will be made to your home address on Tuesday 8 th May, so when I had the  compliance telephone interview, l told the Guy that my son had been using my add reds as a mailing address but he wasn’t anymore and he just said I don’t eanr to know about that just  answer the questions I’m asking you, so why now are the  Council tax people wanting to see me ? So I’m in a state again, I have  mental health illness 


  • hartill77hartill77 Member Posts: 97 Courageous
    If you do not wish to see them in person because of your mental illness.  I would call and explain this and ask what it is they want to tell you. If it is easier for you, you can write in too and ask they write back to you. 

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    I have someone from the mental health team who is going to be with me when they come, l just don’t understand why they want to see me, l don’t know after all this time why I’m getting all this Attention from them
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    Im glad to hear that you have some support for the meeting, it is impossible to know why they want to speak to you.  Could you possibly call them and explain that the unknown is affecting your mental health and request a bit more information before the meeting?
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    I have phoned them  this morning I’ve been reported that someone is living here with me, untrue as it was untrue 3 years ago as well, when I was reported 
  • hartill77hartill77 Member Posts: 97 Courageous
    Sorry to hear that.  Hope you get it sorted and once they have seen you face to face it is all cleared up. 
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    Thank you I’m getting really fed up with it all it not doing my stress levels any good or my mental health, 
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    Hello @Sandy Devon

    Please ask your son to open a Post office Box at the local post office. Then you will not have any problems.

    Called Post Office Restraint.  I believe it is called.  Understand you have concern for your son and he needs a mailing address. Well he has one. The Post office box he could open.

    There will be a charge per month.

    Understand the situation here but it is hurting and harming you.

    Responsibility is your son's job to do this. Have and had this myself long time ago.  This situation.  Asked by friend to use my address no way because of what is happening now to you. So friend opened a PO box at the Post office.

    All his mail went there.

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    His got a permit address for post now, and it’s not him that’s the problem, it’s the person I’m sirposeing to be living with, the same person that the compliance Telephone interview Was about 
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