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DWP Telepone Call 10/10

susan48 Member Posts: 2,222 Disability Gamechanger
I just wanted to share this.

Called DWP ESA was on hold for 20 minutes, just played a game online whilst waiting.
A very nice gentleman answered and was extremely patient as my speech wasn’t  great.He said , take your time I’m not going anywhere, I’m here to listen and help you so don’t worry.

He answered my questions and went to find a letter I’d sent, which was really good.

He told me everything I wanted to know in plain English.

I wanted to share this to let people know, who are unsure if to call DWP or not, I was scared, to just be nice, polite and you should get the same in return. Very Very nice man  :)

Afterall they are human too 


  • Lasian_Alumni
    Lasian_Alumni Member Posts: 659 Pioneering
    It's great to hear you had a good experience! :)
  • fishingmum
    fishingmum Member Posts: 562 Pioneering
    I have had both good and horrid calls with them in the past my most recent call last week was with a really awesome guy, who took his time, listened and told em what I can do and how to go about it, the 2 calls prior to that had been quite awful first woman was so rude I was tempted to hang up and try again, then a couple of days later the woman came across very cold, not willing to listen or communicate in a polite manner. It really does seem the luck of the draw with some of these people. I am glad you had a good call :)
    life is too short to let others make you miserable.
  • susan48
    susan48 Member Posts: 2,222 Disability Gamechanger
    @fishingmum, I too have had , wouldn’t say bad, calls but conflicting information.
    I stayed on the phone this time until he finished writing the notes, I could hear him as he was talking to himself whilst doing so.

    The previous ones didn’t even take my NI number and gave very bad advice, could have lead to a fraud investigation.
    Thanksfully it’s all sorted, Iv lost some award money but I’m safe in the knowledge Iv done the right thing.

    Thanks to the very nice man 


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