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Need employment help

jme020467 Member Posts: 3 Listener
edited April 2018 in Work and employment
I would like to ask for some advice regarding employment matters.

I have recently been laid off from my last job because the management felt I had not achieved a satisfactory probationary period.The period would have finished by December last year but was extended until April 2018.

My skill set and performance were fine and there were no complaints until one day I told my line manager that shouting at team members in front of everyone was inappropiate. From that moment on She made my life impossible and was bullied a couple of times. She intemidated me and embarrased me in front of the team and customers.

I then thought of discussing the issue with her manager and his manager,s manager. This decission did not do well within the mnager's team and before I knew it I was engaging in trade unions representatives and meetings which ended up in my termination of contract. The union representative even recommended I put a grievance in which I did. The grievance was upheld and I am now out of work.

I may have made a couple of mistakes but don't think I deserved the treatment I received.

I now find myself looking for work and having to explain why I left my last job. This is of course very difficult because although I want to be transparent and truthfull, my story may sound like I am a trouble maker. I am not a trouble maker!

I honestly thought that reporting bullying or challenging bad practices in the work place would be the honourable and decent thing to do? In the letter it says I could appeal but should I? What if a potential new employer asks for references?

Please help me, I am struggling to find words to explain why I left my last job?

Looking forward to hearing from any of you.




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