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Hints or tips to increase calorie intake?

Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,798 Disability Gamechanger
This query is from a community member who wishes to remain anonymous:

When caring for an elderly person who has little appetite and is losing weight, does anyone have any hints or tips to increase calorie intake and help them gain some weight? I care for someone in their 90s and they are eating so little despite offering them all their favourite foods, they are under the doctors care and being evaluated but we would love some tips on things we can do ourselves to help.


  • whistles
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    Didn't they used to make Complan milkshakes for that.
    Though any milkshake on the market these days is probably loaded with sugar.

    Have they been to the gp, is there a physical reason for the decrease in appetite. Our tests ongoing.
    Have you asked what foods they now like rather than what you think they do because they always have.
    It's it more liquid texture, do they need their teeth checking?
    Are they depressed and just don't feel like it.
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  • Sam_Alumni
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    The member tells us:

    They are seeing the GP and there are underlying issues around the stomach and are seeing them this week.  Teeth are fine and theyll cook and sit for a meal, but just pick at it.

    It's hard to get them to drink enough fluids, so though we could try complan or fortisips it may be hard to get them to actually drink them.
    They are mobile and will at least start cooking their own food so have their own choice and have been offered any foods they want (including cakes, sweets etc) 

    We need some ideas on how to get more calories into the food they will actually manage to eat.
    Thanks so much!

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  • fishingmum
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    full fat milk, cream cheese etc all helps if they can take it, have you tried baking bread and/or cooking bacon just before meal times? These are some of the thigns used to help people with eating disorders as it encourages the appetite and makes people want to eat a bit more. What about having a variety of nuts in plastic tubs so the person can pick at them throughout the day as well as sit down for a meal, maybe change breakfast on to something like avocado or banana on toast, maybe look at protein supplements that can be added in daily or whey powder to be added into tea or another hot drink.

    What foods will they pick at or meals will they eat, it could be you add something into the meal for example if they will eat mash potatoes, mix up whey powder istead of milk and usual dollop of butter to give extra calories. Ideas of what they can and will eat might make it easier to assist you further.
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