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Questions asked at tribunal

guccidog Member Posts: 32 Listener
edited May 2018 in PIP, DLA, and AA
Hi guys

Can you tell me what type of questions are asked.  And are you to walk about in the court?
How long is the hearing?


  • susan48
    susan48 Member Posts: 2,222 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @guccidog
    I can only say what my experience was.
    The question that are asked seems to vary a lot depending on why your apply in the first place.
    I was asked about, cooking, eating, taking a journey, driving, shopping, dentist and hairdressers.
    Thats what I can remember anyway as I was extremely anxious.
    I walked from the entrance to the waiting room then to the tribunal room, which was just a small room with table and chairs.
    My hearing lasted I think approx 30 minutes, but the panel were running late so had to wait 45 past my slot.

  • guccidog
    guccidog Member Posts: 32 Listener
    Ook. I am sort of anxious. Haven' recieved dwp paperwork as yet. But it' not 28days
  • susan48
    susan48 Member Posts: 2,222 Disability Gamechanger
    Once you get the bundle then you can read it through, I couldn’t as it was bout 115 pages, it was too much to take in.
    I take it you have appealed and waiting on a date?

  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,676 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @guccidog
    There is some information here about PIP appeals and  PIP upper tribunals
    Senior online community officer
  • guccidog
    guccidog Member Posts: 32 Listener
  • ChrisK2
    ChrisK2 Member Posts: 8 Connected

    My tribunal was two weeks and two hours ago, yes I’m still six feet of the ground.

    Just a little background of my history, in 2008 I had a stroke at the age of 57 that I’ve never recovered from so now suffer from tiredness, fatigue and very slow walking due to weakness down my left side with no use of my left arm/hand and very little control over my left leg and just for fun a bit of dropped foot when I get tired and that’s after forcing myself to walk more than 20 metres.

    From letter from DWP telling me I lost higher rate DLA to winning enhanced rate PIP at my tribunal was near on seven months here in Bristol.

    With my claim it was all about the enhanced rate mobility as I scored twice as many points as needed for care so did not contest that as it would be pointless. Just to add, before when I was on DLA I only had standard care but now have higher care rate so I stick that to David Cameron and all his cronies because now its cost them £30 more a week than it did before when I was quite content with how it was .

    Question asked bearing in mind above was all about my walking abilities though I did point out to the doctor on the panel that the PIP form asked what you’re walking ability is but I call it my stumbling and tripping ability. I was then asked to explain in my own words how I would walk from one side of the courtroom to the other and having said its easier for me to demonstrate that to explain I started to get myself up from my chair but was told by all the panel to sit back down and not to do any walking. I just then carried on explain to the best of my ability.

    The case lasted about 25 minutes but was cut short by my getting upset about one of the question the doctor asked and that was “do you travel abroad” and when I said “not since becoming disabled” then tried to continue to tell them how my nephew got married in Rome last year and how I could not bear the thought of going to Italy and with myself breaking down they called an end to the session and after whispering in each other’s ears told me there and then I was getting my 12 points back.

    So I got there in the end but those 7 winter months were the worst in my life and full of sleepless nights and anger beyond belief but now the past two week since the tribunal I’ve been sleeping like a baby and the only anger I have now is towards Tory and Labour MP’s who half of them are no better than Hitler’s henchmen, yes I’m that angry and not sure that will ever change until they give an apology for their actions as they do with just about everything else.

    Stick in there OP and best of luck.



  • guccidog
    guccidog Member Posts: 32 Listener
    Thank you. Your story brought tears to my eyes. They are heartless. I am so I'll. Left knee been a problem over 10 years. Had slight surgery it didn' improve in September. November hip injection well bad reaction it burnt my skin. And now I have 2 bad legs bad hips and they buckle on me. I push myself to walk and I suffer later. 

    I am glad you got your points


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