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Refused PIP, General Assessment section is fictional

PawsPaws Member Posts: 2 Listener
Got my copy of my report today (I've also had to chase my decision, the man on the phone was able to tell me it's been refused. I've been refused and had to go to tribunal before..)

Everything she's written in the general bit is outright wrong, and based on that they've invalidated my entire claim. (Examples: ignored that I stated I was in discomfort doing those exercises and have written I showed 'sub-optimal effort', also ignored that I told them about being in contact with my counsellor and when asked the question about suicidal thoughts and the like I got distressed)

How on earth am I going to challenge this? 


  • lillybellelillybelle Member Posts: 458 Pioneering
    Wait a few days untill you feel much calmer and your mind is clearer.
    ring DWP and tell them you are sending in an MR by post not over the phone.
    with your report list all activities that you can’t do, why you can’t do them and give examples.
    Do not call the assessor a liar etc. Pretend you are writing this letter for a judge to read at a tribuneral.
    if you can get free charity advice try and get it.
    Good luck, keep in touch and never give up
  • PawsPaws Member Posts: 2 Listener
    At the moment I've drafted up something similar to:
    'I was not asked how I attended the assessment, it was assumed.'
    'I displayed discomfort several times.'
    'I did not engage with the assessor as claimed'

    Need to redo as 'I am unable to' statements?
  • lillybellelillybelle Member Posts: 458 Pioneering
    It doesn’t matter whether she asked how you got to the assessment.just say
       Although I was not questioned about how I travelled to the assessment I managed to attend by means off ......... because if I tried to manage alone ........ would happen as has been the result on many times in the past and this can cause (safety etc issues)

    During the assessment because of my condition ....... I found the assessment hard to concerntrate on the questions asked  as I was in quite a lot of discomfort due to ..... . I was unable to have any medication during this time to relieve my situation etc. Therefore even though the assessor assumes that I engaged with her this was not possible because......
       ( I hope this helps. You need a little more detail and bring the key reasons into it
    safety, reasonable amount of time and a reasonable standard.
    Good luck
    ps. I’m not telling you what to write so ignore if you don’t like it

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