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Sociable Life - an easier way to find accessible activities

TomHarris Community member Posts: 5 Listener

Hi everyone! I’m Tom Harris, a 25-year old social entrepreneur and software consultant living in London, and the creator of Sociable Life – an interactive map of accessible activities. In my spare time I’m the chairman of a charity called Odyssians that runs an annual summer activity camp for young disabled adults at a campsite in Farnham.

When organising our camp, we’re always looking for new, exciting and accessible activities to do, but I struggled to find an easy way to discover them. Sociable Life is my answer to this problem. I’ve created an interactive map so people can find and share accessible activities for any disabled person, anywhere in the UK. So far we have over 140 activities from all over the UK, and that number is growing quickly. I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of activities people would submit when I started this project but here are a few that I think are really exciting:

Paradance UK: 

Paradance UK organises inclusive dance classes, promoting and developing wheelchair dancing as a sport and leisure activity across the UK. I spoke to their local organiser in Wales and they were very supportive and excited about Sociable Life. They often struggle to spread the word about their organisation, and I think we can do something to help people find them.

Beat It Club Night:  

Imagineer CIC organise monthly nightclub events in Halifax and Huddersfield for people with learning and physical impairments and conditions to get together and just have some fun. This is a brilliant organisation that is helping so many people to experience the things in life that so many other young people take for granted.

Workshop CIC: 

Workshop CIC  is a small organisation in Stratford-Upon-Avon that provides activity sessions and work-based activities for adults with autism or learning difficulties. I really like the work they do as it’s incredibly varied; activities include wiring of electrical units for overhead lighting, and making recycled paper and dried flower petals into eco-friendly confetti.


There are so many other amazing activities being run all over the country and I’ve only just scratched the surface with what’s currently on the Sociable Life map. I hope to empower the community to share their activities and help others to discover what is possible.

While Sociable Life is starting out as a simple map for people to find activities, I hope that it can grow into a resource that will help people organise their own events and meet other like-minded people.

So do you know any activities that aren’t on our map yet? If you do, please visit our website and fill out the activity submission form so that I can add it to the map to share with everyone! If you're interested in knowing more, you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Has it been difficult for you to find accessible groups, or do you attend any great ones? Let us know how you look for activities!


  • feir
    feir Community member Posts: 397 Pioneering
    I looked on the council website and on MIND, i get some mental health support and they listen to what i actually say i want and feel that i need and offer some suggestions of what would be helpful to me also, this has been great for helping me find out how to find things that would be suitable and where to find them. The council here has progressively moved a lot of support out of my area over the past 5 years so it's not financially viable for me to attend anything. But i am being recommended to some services this week so hopefully they will help me get out and about and back into society. I wasn't too bothered about being housebound but since the sun has come out i really want to go out and know being stuck at home will make me more depressed again.
  • CaderMac
    CaderMac Community member Posts: 105 Pioneering
    This is wonderful! I think Sociable Life is a fantastic and much needed concept, I will sharing with all my disabled friends asap!! 
  • RSW665
    RSW665 Community member Posts: 14 Listener
    A very good concept, I live in Cheltenham and socialise as often as possible. Recently I've been looking to join groups for people with physical disabilities so any help or advise would be welcome.
  • leahburnett1996
    leahburnett1996 Posts: 11 Connected
    A good idea. Unfortunately I live outside London. However I’ve come across a company that allows disabled children to basically have fun and learn new skills as well. I’m going to call up on Monday morning and find out if they are willing to take my son on. I’ll spread the word about this. New social activities are always appreciated. 
  • mia63101
    mia63101 Community member Posts: 18 Courageous
    Hi, I would love to join an activity or social club, maybe a lunch or something every now and then. I am in a wheelchair, (lung disease and spinal injury) so a huge ask to be collected etc. I sometimes go weeks not seeing anyone outside except the postman.
  • RSW665
    RSW665 Community member Posts: 14 Listener
    Hello Mia63101 if you ever need anybody to talk to, I'm here.
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