I feel guilty

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I have lots of ailments and the pain is horrendous.i live alone but my 2 children and grandchildren work  but they really aren't rock. I always feels burden to them and think it's so unfair they have to do so much for me.they have never had a problem with me . But I feel so guilty that they have to do so much for me . I am 66 on Friday and am so happy to be alive but when I have so much pain I pray to God to help . Hope you all don't think I am a moaner but sometimes I feel so depressed . Does anyone else feel like this sometimes . Much love to you all x


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    Lovely to meet you, @Marlie7! It sounds as though you have a wonderful support system around you, and that your children and grandchildren care about you a great deal.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your pain, it's a really debilitating thing to live with. You may be interested in our dealing with chronic pain community discussions, too. I hope today is as kind as possible to you!
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    They love you and don't want to see you struggling or suffer. I think they probably enjoy making sure you're ok.

    It's ok to feel guilty also, all of our feelings are valid.

    I felt guilty also at the role reversal of me being the primary to carer going to not being able to do anything. I think it's just hard to lose your independence overall and any reason you can think of will make you feel bad about it until you accept it.

    Having chronic pain on top of that really won't help either. Do you go to hospital when it's really bad?They might be able to change your meds or do something for you. I got given morphine and it really helped.