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Just like to chat

Blue1967Blue1967 Member Posts: 7 Listener
edited May 2018 in News and opportunities
To laugh again :) after battling a second appeal recently for PIP to be awarded  standard home living . Would just like to talk about others experiences with the process in different regions of U.k please if anyone
is willing to  discuss or if it's too boring let me down gently :smiley:


  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Blue1967 Congratulations well done you. Positive story. Thanks for sharing.

    You must understand of course a lot of the assessments . Sensitive, touchy subject because all of us.

    Including my self have been enduring assessments on and off for twenty years plus.

    Still going on. For many the unfairness and the heart-breaking, wrenching stories are too much for some people. Even myself can fill an exercise book.

    With the never ending tales of doomed failure. Plus the anxiety and the human costs to us all.

    Long term suffering.

    Then their are stories of enlightenment, happiness and joy. What we all of us in the community. Embrace. 

    Sending love and warmth to those who have had their lives scrutinised all this time. Now being rewarded as a success.

    Wish you well

    Take care

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  • crippscripps Member Posts: 412 Pioneering
    The only thing i can say about the DWP is they are a total nightmare, I’m going through an appeal with my pip and I’ve never been so stressed 😩 my anxiety through the roof I’m back and too with Hospital’s. They just don’t understand what we go through, it’s not just the money side but the problems we have with being disabled as well . It’s just seems the whole world is against us it’s about time it turned around and it can be our turn to dish it out. NC
  • Blue1967Blue1967 Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Many many thanks for replying to me  as I have felt at times my self worth is touching the floor but I just find the strength from deep inside my heart and soul I can only summise to pull me through and I will fight bureaucracy to the bitter end.:)  Look at the money being 
    spent on this royal wedding for example but I digress here because like you all I'm sure had all what appeared to be a manageable existence before appeals and judgement day. Yes we know they want to put us through
    this in the hope we give up to make it easier for them but 
    what about the poor person left behind no hope of ever working again, relationship takes  its tole of some not all who are fortunate to be with a loyal person I guess. Yes I'm still angry after 14 months of getting on with my life as best I can. If I have worded all of that inappropriately
    I apologise really I do.
    Keep talking though well BT think it's good to talk -(  look
    what's happening to the poor souls losing their jobs there.
    Speak soon

  • teighanteighan Member Posts: 15 Connected
    I was awarded pip standard aswel for twelve months, it stops in June and I have to start again from scrath 😭
  • Blue1967Blue1967 Member Posts: 7 Listener
    Hi  well done for coming through your appeal !!!  As I've said to others the strength of your character will get you through or get on their nerves they have no option legally.
    I have until 2021 to be reassessed yet again so please be reassured you are not alone.I'm happy to try and help or be a friend.

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