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introduction x

sakinah Member Posts: 14 Connected
hi everyone here on the online community ,:)

I'll just introduce myself, i joined last month as it was a time when i was feeling very down and needed some support, advice about disabilities and found this website.  The information ive seen so far it provides is very good and i have now joined the community to have mutual discussions with members.

i have a kidney medical condition since birth called Renal Tubla Acidocisis, but since 2016 my kidneys practically packed up and had no choice but to go on dialysis, such a lifestyle change i tell you!! I suffer with the complications along with it with osteomalacia, kidney stones,  Constant UTI, severe bladder spasms, Severe back pains and bone pains, weakness and lack of appetites.

i also have anxiety and mood disorder, possible bipolar that hasn't been properly diagnosed because all my life has been focussed on my kidney disease, my mother and i as i got older never got round to getting a proper diagnosis or even getting it investigated properly.  Anyway im fighting it with all my mental strength to stop it from trying to ruin my life with the depression anxiety, mood disorder and intrusive negative thoughts.

im not gonna lie its horrific at times going through what i have to go through, but without the help of one particular member of my family i dont know how i would survive it, that's my gorgeous understanding daughter who has always been there for me even as a little girl and no a mother twice over now herself she still finds time to talk to me and listen to my rants when i have bad days and will tell me off if she notices i go into a depressive relapse and will be there for me whether i like it or not to ensure that i don't put myself in danger by rebelliously missing my treatments due to depression and the horrific side effects dialysis can give you at times.

well that's me everyone, not everything about me but im sure as you read my discussions or conversations or post you will get to know me..

i may come across a bit erratic at times but not to worry that's part of having a mood disorder, some days i will come across very positive and inspiring as much as i can to people or some times i may have a bad day/week/month and may need to off load and get some feedback from others for encouragement or to relate with each other.

Stay Strongt!!
keep up the Good Fight Against Disabilities!!


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