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Mobility equipment

Im designing an affordable wheel chair hand bike attachment and have a few questions about the market.

Mobility equipment 2 votes

Is there a lack of affordable mobility equipment in the market?
felixWillGillans 2 votes
Is high spec more important than cost?
Would this be a product you would purchase
Could you see this being used in yours or peers everyday life?


  • Liam_Goole
    Liam_Goole Member Posts: 2 Listener
    I consider high spec less important than cost. This is because lower cost makes the product for inclusive for the general public.

    This would be a product i would add to my inventory of equipment.

    I cant see it being used in my everyday life as i have a mobility scooter that i use most days but if it was a sunny day and i wanted some exersice this would be a great product
  • Harry_Turner
    Harry_Turner Member Posts: 1 Listener
    This is a highly interesting post!
    Mobility equipment is often highly expensive but it is also very high quality.
    I feel there is a gap in the market for an affordable mobility bike but keeping up with todays spec is quite important. 
    I feel this is a good product for someone wanting to step into the hand bike community but if its low spec this may effect people using it as a everyday product. If someone lives in a hilly area then gears may be necessary 
    This is a great idea and good luck!
  • WillGillans
    WillGillans Member Posts: 1 Listener
    Is there a lack of affordable mobility equipment in the market?
    This sounds like the perfect product for me.
    I have looked at hand bikes and they are all highly expensive.
    This attachment would make going on walks  with my family more enjoyable.
    Sometimes being pushed around makes you feel like a burdun but if i could attach a hand bike to my wheel chair then this would be awesome.
    You would need to make sure it is easy to attach though as this would be my main concern.
    I can definitely see this being part of y everyday life.


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