Summer sports camp for SEN children

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I am thinking about setting up a potential 'Summer Sports Camp' in the Cambridgshire area for SEN children and was wondering if you could give me any direction into if it could be popular or not?

I would like to do this as I have 2 years experience coaching/ teaching in SEN schools and have really noticed the decline in behaviour (due too lack of any structure at home) during the holidays. I believe having a day or few during the holidays will really help these children keep to a small structure during the holiday hitting the new term well instead of coming in at the start of term and taking 2+ weeks to get back into the 'groove' of things.

The camp will include multi sports session ranging from basic catching skilled fun games too team sports like rounders.

I believe sport is the way forward for all children to build physical,social and mental skills.

Look forward to hearing from you and would love to answer any questions.