Struggling with possible cp diagnosis for my 19mth old — Scope | Disability forum
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Struggling with possible cp diagnosis for my 19mth old

Hi all, I don’t know if this is right place to write this. I oringally went to my doctors as my little boy couldn’t seem to straighten his legs, always stood bent knees, sat bent kneaded and slept with bent knees. He was sent for X-rays an referred to physio. 
Xrays were clear but it was when we had our first appointment that we were told it could be cp, this hadn’t even entered my head so basically took me by surprise and been in shock since. 
He was walking and then stopped and has now started taking odd little steps now an again but still not steady/balance. He is fine otherwise it’s just hi tone in the back muscles in his legs. It’s horrible to watch him try so hard to walk fall get back up try again an again, he’s getting upset and frustrated due to falling all time aswell. 
Iv got an appointment on Monday to see consultant for his assessment and to be told when he will be admitted for scan as he will have to go under general anaesthetic due to his age (which I’m really not looking forward too).. I’m stressed and feeling lost..?



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