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Hi everyone, I'm on pip and am a pensioner my husband is also a pensioner were not on any benefits other than state pension, our boiler has broken down and can't be fixed can anyone advise us if we can apply for any help in replacing it, the ones we've tried all ask what benefit are we on


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    Welcome to the community. Do you live in a flat or house? I would call up the company that are responsible for boiler repairs and see what they can do to help you. Call on Monday morning first thing. Not sure why they ask to see benefits but tell them that you are currently receiving state pension benefits. Speak to the company and ask for advice. I hope that they can fix the boiler soon. 
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    Get in touch with CAB and check if you can claim Pension credits.
    Its worth it even if you got only a £1 cos it gets you other benefits. Dentist. Perscriptions etc
    Your gas provider should be helping you sort out your boiler.
    Also Benefits mau give you a loan to help fix/replace boiler
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    Hi @Greater48, and welcome!

    You've had some good advice above about your boiler maintenance: as mentioned, it may be worth contacting your gas provider. Alternatively, this boiler grant scheme page may also be of interest.
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    Hi @Greater48 Not sure if your problem has been fixed but you can always contact me through, i'll be able to help if you contact me through ECO3 from here: 
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    Welcome to the community @benyaw616 and thank you for your advice!