Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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Waiting for decision from DWP

So filled in my ESA form in December 2017\, had not heard anything so I rang up DWP to be told that I no longer need to send in Sickness NoteS  from my GP. as have been put into the support group of esa, I have had nothing in writing to confirm this, and when i phone I just get told the Decision Maker is sorting things still, does it normally take ages.


  • RipplesRipples Member Posts: 189 Pioneering
    Have you been put into the support group without a face to face assessment?  Are you receiving the assessment rate? Once you attend a face to face  they usually let you know within four weeks whereas they have decided no further assessment is necessary then it is probably a matter of waiting.. If they have made that decision already it cannot be long before you receive a letter confirming it.
  • Wendy1212Wendy1212 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    yes put in support group without assessment, and apparently final decision will be made by DWPdecision maker.thankyou for your helpful advice.Not receiving the Assessment rate at the moment.
  • wilkowilko Member Posts: 2,284 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello Wendy1212,  I was put in the support group on the evidence I presumed from my PIP acessment. So going by what you state a written confirmation letter should be arriving soon with a large back payment details if you are not yet receiving the correct support benefits amount. Keep us updated and keep,posting all these little snippets of information help and guide other and give reassurance to those who need it.
  • Wendy1212Wendy1212 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Thankyou so much for your reply Wilko, i was told the other day that the decision maker was still deciding, but i no longer need to send in sick notes so bit confusing.Will update you when i find out.

  • Wendy1212Wendy1212 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Hi everydbody I have been told that I am still entitled to Universal Credit from decision maker, so my LCWRA will be backdated to Dec 2017, am waiting for my claim to be updated  and the back payment to be paid,I am on universal credit and i cannot work due to my disabilities.
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