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Puréed foods at 15 months old

hi I’m looking for advice I’m on a waiting list to see someone about my sons Jayden’s feeding problems.  He can only manage 4/6 months baby food because he can’t handle lumps and certain texture. I was advised that he can’t stay on baby food but ok until he gets seen. My question is what advice would you give I’ve tried blending and mashing food but he can’t handle it and chokes. What will happen if he still can’t handle proper food when he dose get seen. What will they do? 


  • KirstenNutritionAdvisor
    KirstenNutritionAdvisor Member Posts: 53 Courageous
    Many babies can find it hard to make the transition from smooth purees to chunkier foods. Is he only eating purees or will he eat fingure food? 

    Many parents find their child refused lumps at first, and this can be frustrating as you struggle to ensure they are eating enough.

    It’s really important to persevere, though, because the older your child gets, the harder he’ll find it to accept lumps – and the transition to normal family meals can become challenging. 

    Its important to help your baby develop these muscles as they are not only uses to chew, they are used for speech, so lumpy food will help his development in more ways than one.

    Keep persevering, Another way to help your child to get used to lumps is to offer finger foods. 

    Try strips of cheese, grated apple or pear, rice cakes, rounds of banana, buttered fingers of toast or pitta bread and steamed vegetable crudités. I have seen lots of babies eat fingure food but still get fussy over purée, many babies prefer this to the surprise of finding the occasional lump in an otherwise smooth puree. 

    Good luck. 


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