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Help with splitting up

mossycow Member Posts: 485 Pioneering
Hi there,

A friend of mine, who is disabled and fabulous, and unable to look after himself (this is relevant). 

He is married with 3 kids but is seriously considering splitting up with his spouse. 

As their friend, and because he finds it much harder to access the tinternet, I'd appreciate your help in asking what support and frankly where he starts if he decides that splitting up is the write decision. 

His wife is his carer. Can he access support without her there? (I'm disabled an unable to take him etc). 

Where would he live.... How would it work? What rights would he have in terms of his children? 

Is there any free couples therapy out there? 

Would really appreciate anyone who has experience or views on this. Thanks


  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,673 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @mossycow

    What a difficult situation! Has he spoken to his wife about any of this?

    There is a lot of info on the CAB website about ending a relationship but your friend may be best to get some advice and support privately.

    @PSHEexpert do you have any advice?
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  • Geoark
    Geoark Member, Scope Volunteer Posts: 1,388 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @mossycow I am sure there will be some excellent advice.

    Many doctor surgeries provide talking therapy with a trained counsellor, can refer their patients and would probably be best aware of what services are available locally. The doctor will talk with your friend, and his partner if she is aware to decide what the best solution would be for them in their circumstances.

    Relate was going to be my first response, they do however charge. That said they also provide bursaries where there is genuine financial difficulty, not sure how much this would cover though and would depend on individual circumstances.

    I would definately encourage counselling first before worrying about the other stuff. However the scope helpline should be able to give advice if it looks like they will be seperating.

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